After reading a bit over 2500 pages of text and maps describing the only real democracy in the Flanaess, the League of Yeomans.

Flanaess Full Map130512

This is a first version of the map so as usual there are probably a number of things to correct and add. So if you see any issues please tell me. Your input is a great help!

My next article about maps and role playing games was announced for a release this week, but due to my desire to get the Yeomanry area ready for a first presentation I decided to get it done first. So for those of you who wonder about my article, it is in its final stages and will be ready before the end of May.

Then I will move on south to the interesting Realm of the Sea Princes that has seen so much upheaval with the Scarlet Brotherhood and rebellion and Keoish reconquest. What is probably the most infamous of the mountains of the Flanaess, the Hellfurnaces are also part of this region and something I have started to portrait in this map. It will be a major challenge to try and give justice to all its malevolent and violent nature, but my first test are promising. The northern Hellfurnaces will be worked on in parallel with the Sea Princes.

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