Valley of the Mage, first map

Time again for a first look at a new part of Greyhawk. This time its is the secluded and mysterious Valley of the Mage in the Barrier peaks.

Flanaess Full Map130324

This is part of my series of preview maps that I release in JPG format as soon I think I have made a decent job. This is an important part of my quality control. I want all you Greyhawk experts out there to scrutinize it and check for errors, and you are doing a great job spotting things that I would never see. That way the final versions of my Flaness maps that will be much more accurate and have way fewer spelling errors.

The final maps will be available as JPG’s, layered  PDF’s, some form of print versions and online versions. I have started to look into wall maps and book formats. More on that later, now I have to survey Keoland, Sterich and the rest of southern Sheldomar Valley.


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