First those of you who have browsed to my website lately have noticed a whole set of Realm Maps appearing. I’m working my way through the list of things I set out to do before the end of the project, and a proper set of maps depicting each part of the Flanaess was one of them. They can be found on the Realm Maps page or the index page, they are also in the Map Repository‘s GH SYNC.

The Purge
I was noticed to the fact that there was a few more settlements in southern Keoland should not be on the map. So all the versions that had this content will be replaced with an revised version without these names and places. The new version will be named 2014 revision 1.

The Atlas
Work on the Atlas continues to nail down the template to use. It just struck me that I had left out the range bar, so that will be there as well. Please continue to send me comments and ideas on how you like it.

This seems to be a long hard struggle. Michael at Gamer-Printshop still working on trying to get the quality right. The reports are getting infrequent despite being messages from me and others on the issue. When I have assembled the funds to make a series of prints I will find a printer locally that can do the job and I can have a close look at the result before anyone else have to go to any lengths to have their copy. High quality files are still in the Map Repository GH  SOURCE share for those of you who dons’t want to wait and print of customize their maps. I’m sorry for the trouble, I wish I could have that all sorted out by now. But some things require more work that anticipated.
If anyone have already made prints please let me now how they turned out!

The next project……
Another reason for me not posting as many updates as usual is that I’m also working hard on my next project. It is a commercial project so it will all be public, but it is still to early for me to show anything. But it will be a complete shift in perspective, from the big picture to a close in view….
I hope you will find it as useful as my Flanaess maps, and my next project is also generic fantasy compatible with any game system using 5ft squares. An it is in a way even bigger and more grand in scope……..

Thank you again for all your help and support, much appreciated!

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