Updated Full Map preview!

Finally its time for me to present a full map preview that contains the whole map!


You get the map here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/296601/Flanaess%20Full%20map131027.pdf
Its is a 245MB PDF map with layers. I’m tweaking the compression so try and keep the file size manageable while keeping the terrain at least somewhat usable. The terrain and cloud effects are reduced to 75dpi in this map so they don’t look great. The original are 600DPI so the final map should look good both in print and on screens.

The purpose of this map is not to show off quality, it is a way to try and weed out as many errors as possible. So if you see anything wrong please comment or send me a message through the contact page. With your help it can be a better map, and again thank you all who have helped me make this project along during all these years.

The Onlinemap map will go off-line tomorrow as I’m updating its content. It is still very much in a test phase so there will be disruptions quite often until the final version can come online hopefully around the holidays. The last upload took me over a day so if all goes well it should be back up again Friday.

I have started work on the layout, borders and legend of the final map. Screenshots and tidbits will be presented here soon to give some sneak peaks into the final look of things.


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