Time for an update!

Mural style3
First let me present a new style of Flanaess map, if my standard have been a bit like Google earth so far, this is more parchment or mural like. There is a 24×30 inch version with some text and borders, and a full size version terrain only. The large version can replace the full color terrain for a different look. The 24×30 inch is a good map to print since most printers have 24×36 as a standard.

There is also a more pure parchment version, both can be a good base for overview and things like trade or simply as in game handouts.
Mural style4

Both these map are available in GH SYNC, so those of you who use it probably already have it. I’m glad to see the number of people interested in my maps are increasing a bit each day. So I’m trying to give you new maps as often as I can.

Both these maps are a result of my work on the Atlas, for which I have to create a range of special maps as a base for various maps that will be included in the Atlas.

High resolution PDF’s and JPG’s are also added to the GH SYNC share, they are large and aimed to be used for prints. The Flanaess is divided in to 6 parts each 33.6x 58 inches.

The Realm maps in GH SYNC have also been updated, and the photoshop files have been replaced with easier to use JPG’s. The quality of the files are still roughly the same since I used as little compression as possible.

For those of you who want to tinker more with the maps the GH SOURCE share have all the source-files available as Illustrator, Bryce and Photoshop files. I will look into converting them to other formats as well so more of you can use them. But now those of you who want to can dig into the Flaness and do what I do, map your version of Greyhawk!

Mr Tumey at Gamer-Printshop.com is doing test ptints of my maps, more updates will come when he reports the results.

D&D celebrated 40, something we Greyhawk fans appreciate more than most do I think. some of us have gamed almost that long!

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