Time for a big one!

Flanaess Full map test 130916th

So here is a first test public test of a full size pdf map!

It has layers and all the features on it, and the public layers are turned on. My private layers are there but initially turned off. It is 214MB in size and in order to achieve this I have down sampled the terrain from 600dpi to 50dpi. Hopefully its enough for you to use and check that everything are where it suppose to be, while still responsive on most computers.

It is a huge file with thousands of objects so it will require a decent machine to display, and it might take some time for the terrain to resample while panning and zooming. So please be patient and report errors.

You can download it here: Flanaess Full map test 130916.pdf

There will be new focused preview maps like before coming featuring updated parts of the map and some new features still in the works.

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