The new map Legend, first draft

All maps have to have a proper legend and fantasy maps are no exception, especially not those claiming to be good. The reason I haven’t followed my own advice is that I wanted to be fairly sure I had worked out how I wanted my maps all symbols borders to look before spending time making a Legend that would become obsolete the next map update. Even map makers can be lazy at times 😉

Legend new

Now when the new version of the map has progressed far enough for me to be sure I have found the look I want, its time to start working on the legend. It is a 3 page PDF file in is initial form but will probably grow a page or two in its final form. The goal is for me to use the Legend as a guide that explains and guides you through my Flaness map as well as just lists the symbols and lines. There are a lot of small quirks and designs that have a story in themselves that needs explanation, and I will try and go over the different terrain types and what they stands for those of you who wants to dig deeper into the geography of the Flaness. This layout is far from finished, so far just a simple background. But I will add that when I have got the text and other content done right.

For easy reference during games I will make a single page summary. I will also make a special tool for distance calculation and measurements. My plan is for you to be able to print it and laminate it and you will have a custom made measure stick.

The Legend can be downloaded here: Legend 130310_2r

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