The Flanaess in 100 pieces!


Added  to the Map Repository – The Flanaess in 100 pieces, each nation and some other parts as well as a separate 300pdi PSD files. There are two sets of files, one with text and symbols, and one terrain only.


I choose to go with psd files to make them look as good as possible. You can use open source GIMP  among others to use the files. With the symbols you can add your own content to the map.

I have also added a PSD of the whole terrain, without text legend or other disturbing elements. So now you can cut out any part you want for that special map.  This is a flat file, meaning it doesn’t have any layers which makes it usable on more normal computers. I will soon make the layered version available as well, it is in PSB – Photoshop Large File Format which probably requires Photoshop to open and edit. But it has all the layers with rivers and snow and other things on separate layers.

The Flanaess all

Its great to see more and more of you use the Map Repository!

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