Atlas pages and World Map tests

Page numbering-01Its a few days left before Gen Con and I’m spending them working hard to get some more things ready before I leave.

I’ve added a few more Atlas pages. Slowly working my way across the northern Flanaess. You find them on the Atlas Page.

I’ve also working on whole world mapping techniques, this is so I can offer that as a part of my map commission service. I need a world to work on and my choice is of course Oerth. The challenge with this is the age old dilemma to make flat map of a spherical world. But for Fantasy worlds its usually the the other way, you have a flat map showing at least a part of the world. Here is my first try at Oerth.  Oerth Layout03-01

This is only a first test and I have to state that this is not an attempt to create a proper map of Oerth. This map have spurred a very interesting discussion in the Facebook group Flanaess Geographical Society, with all the passionate and knowledgeable fans around I’m sure there will be some good things coming from it! In the meantime I will work on how to efficiently create a high quality map of a whole world.

render7One of the first things on my agenda is to create templates for each stage of the process, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. The grid on the Oerth globe show 500 miles “squares”, well they are squares at the equator. The reason for a 500 mile grid is to tie in with my “regional map standard” that will be maps 500 miles across.

render9What I’m planning to offer are three types of maps, whole world overview maps, 500 miles regional maps and 15 mile local maps with very high detail level. When I have these three types worked out I will start with “encounter maps” of dungeons, outdoor scenes, houses etc.

Prices will vary with map style, map view, number of details, and symbols and such. But my goal is for the basic top down terrain map to be less than $100. There will be pdf’s and template files provided that will hopefully make both the ordering and work process better and faster. I’m only in the early steps of setting up the service, and I will post here regularly with more details and full size examples of what you get.

I plan to offer among other things:

  • Top down views in “satellite style” with a realistic terrain view, various stylized maps like parchment, engraved in stone and the like.
  • 3D views from any angle you like, to really show off what the terrain looks like. These maps can also be styled.
  • Special rendered views, like landscape photography from your world. To show what a certain special location would look like. Perfect for your computer as desktop background or why not a large wall print 🙂

The map you order will be delivered as high resolution digital files in the format you prefer. So whether you’re a game publisher, novelist or gamer, with a bit of money and some work by you, I will be able to map your world in a spectacular way.

Thanks again for all your support and interest! I hope to meet as many of you as possible in person during Gen Con.