Busy Times…


This is a small part from my latest map, a project for vffpublishing. Kept me more than busy the last month but now I’m doing the finishing touches to it. So writing a blog post with some updates are long overdue.

It will be my second big map since I moved on from to new tools and the pieces are starting to fall in place. This will be the first project to include some new techniques like forests that have a natural spread, like real forests.


Texture blending, erosion and forest cover used to be such a hassle with Bryce and my old feeble computers. Now all those subtle details can be done, making close up mapping a possibility. And it can still be done in weeks rather than years!

This project are about a tenth of the Greyhawk map in area, and it took me a month to map. Below is an example of texture blending, in this case it’s an attempt to make forest more than a vast expanse of green. To make forest as varying as the rest of the landscape. This is a top down map, so the fact that trees now actually have real depth are not really visible. Other projects in the future will use this possibility in some very useful ways.



More on my vffpublishing map when it’s being presented in time for GenCon.

Speaking of Gen Con, I will be there this year. Things on my Gen Con schedule are to help Lonewolf Development, Canonfire GenCon 2015 Meet and Greet, Greyhawk Reborn, trying to meet as many of my Gaming friends and colleagues as possible and attend some great seminars.

Next on my agenda are “Anna’s Custom Mapping Service” and a major website overhaul. My current website is from 2010 and even if it (despite Ukrainian hacker attempts) still works, it is setup to cater for my Greyhawk mapping. My Flanaess maps will still reside here at http://ghmaps.net/ but it will be more of a repository for the maps. My blog, new projects and all other work that goes on will be on a new website!

When the new site is up and running I will revamp this site to store and present my Flanaess maps in a hopefully much better way. This gives me a chance to use all the http://ghmaps.net/ server capacity to be used for downloading of maps and hosting the online map(s!).

With a new website I can give proper attention to new commercial projects. The first will be to get “Anna’s Custom Mapping Service” started. More details will be presented in July, but first I have to try and catch up with my emails, there are many of you who have sent me emails and I haven’t been able to get back to you yet, but I will answer you soon.