Ulek County

County of Ulek

County of Ulek

County of Ulek, updated preview map

The Uleks got a remake when I did Keoland but I forgot to make a preview map of the County then, so here it is a bit late.
Flanaess Full Map130616

It is one of the forgotten realms of the Flanaess that are in need of some more features. Plenty of space along the routes between Jurnre, Courwood and Kewlbanks to be filled with interesting towns and keeps and whatnot.

The Principality of Ulek will be included in my planned makeover of the Pomarj. I’m not going to change any features, just bring the style and terrain up to the same standard as the newer areas. Over a decade of mapping have taught me a thing or two  that I didn’t know when I started, so as a part of finishing the Flanaess map I will go over them a second time to redo parts that are not as good as I can make them. I have already done it with Veluna and Keoland, next is Pomarj, Furyondy and then the Urnst states and Greyhawk. This work will be done in parallel with my work on the new parts.

I will not be doing any custom maps or commissions until I’m done with major mapping operations in the Flanaess. My plan is to have it done during August. If you have any desire to have a special map done please don’t hesitate to contact me now, but I will not be able to start working on anything else for a couple of months.


Area map 71, version 5

PDF version can be dowloaded here: Sq71v5

Area map 72, version 8

PDF version can be dowloaded here: Sq72v8