The land of Tjalf

a screen shot of the Lands of Tjalf (formerly known as Geoff). This area is very interesting and has a lot of documentation. It is from my perspective as a mapmaker highly interesting. It is simply by its surroundings a place full of features, which is the reason I have both dreamt of and dreaded to map it.


That is the reason i have avoided the Sheldomar Valley and all its land for a very long time. But now I feel very confident in my abilities and I’m starting to be really pleased with the result. It is far from done, and I’m in the second stage where I have done one big revision and a few smaller to the terrain. I have started to place known objects and names to see if things hold up to further scrutiny.


I’m very pleased that WotC in the Dragon article by Clausio Pozas gave Hochoch a city heraldic sign. It is interesting since it is a thre part just like the old Idee shield. It also shares both the bottom water/waves part, though the ships are gone. But also the Darmen green found in so many of the Aerdy symbols. Then its a golden Griffon on black. I wonder what is behind the design?