Sea of Dust

Sea of Dust

Sea of Dust

Sea of Dust and the Hellfurnaces!

Time for me to unveil one of the infamous and most legendary places of the Flanaess:

Flanaess Full Map130731

This area is huge and I wanted to make it stand out as something exceptional and epic worthy of high level adventuring on par with other worlds worst places. From here I will continue north with a couple of updates of old areas as well the coming month. I know I promised to release the next article in my series on RPG’s and Maps, but I have decided to wait until a later date. This so I can concentrate on getting my Flanaess mapping done instead. Being sidetracked  by a building and installing a new computer for the better part of a week didn’t help. But now I have all the computing power I need to work a lot faster.

The computer upgrade and new software are a part of gearing up and prepare for my next project, that I will start work on when major mapping of the Flaness are done. A lot more on that later….

A teaser…..

If you wondered where I’ve been the past couple of weeks here is the answer

Sea of Death teaserThe infamous Sea of Dust and the Hellfunaces have been the center of my attention for several weeks  now during my attempts to map it. With a now thousands of hours to build up my skills and the Tilvanot Peninsula as a runner up to what I think will be the biggest challenge in mapping the World of Greyhawk, I proud to say that I’m very pleased with the results. Here is a teaser while I’m working on text and symbols.