d20Pro Unlimited Virtual Tabletop


I just wanted to spread the word about the latest Kickstarter project I’m backing: d20Pro Unlimited Virtual Tabletop.

The project is to create a new version of d20Pro that can handle multitouch, better graphics and ¬†what caught my attention, Realm Works integration. d20Pro is already a very capable and great Virtual Table Top software, but if this Kickstarter goes well it will be a much more powerful tool for Role Players. It is already well beyond its goal of $10 000, but I’m hoping they reach some of their more ambitious stretch goals.

I’m very soon on my way to Gen Con where I’m going to take a closer look at d20Pro on touch screens among many other thing.


The Realmsound Project

Time for me to promote a Kickstarter that I have backed!

The Realmsound Project

Orange County Gaming Group have set out to try and bring custom fantasy audio to fantasy tabletop gaming. What got me interested were first the quality of the samples they offered and especially a couple of the samples.  Listen to the market vendor as he is shouting out what he has to offer, wonderful to hear for a Greyhawk fan!

They also intend for the sounds to be FREE for everyone to use. That is a very interesting pitch and I will keep a close eye to see if this one will be successful. I’m thinking about which business model to use for my next project after the Flaness maps. If its possible to run a Kickstarter to fund the time it takes for me to make the maps and to run the website, it would be a very good way for me to continue my work. So please consider making a pledge for the Realmsound project.