Sea of Dust and the Hellfurnaces!

Time for me to unveil one of the infamous and most legendary places of the Flanaess:

Flanaess Full Map130731

This area is huge and I wanted to make it stand out as something exceptional and epic worthy of high level adventuring on par with other worlds worst places. From here I will continue north with a couple of updates of old areas as well the coming month. I know I promised to release the next article in my series on RPG’s and Maps, but I have decided to wait until a later date. This so I can concentrate on getting my Flanaess mapping done instead. Being sidetracked ┬áby a building and installing a new computer for the better part of a week didn’t help. But now I have all the computing power I need to work a lot faster.

The computer upgrade and new software are a part of gearing up and prepare for my next project, that I will start work on when major mapping of the Flaness are done. A lot more on that later….