Flanaess 576 CY map!


My project to map the World of Greyhawk is nearing the finish line, so in order to celebrate that I have gone back to where Greyhawk started. With the Greyhawk Boxed Set came a gorgeous hand drawn map, by Darlene, that have become a classic depiction of the campaign world as it stood in 576 CY.

Darlene map131120

This version of the Flanaess uses my terrain and symbols style, and it covers the same area as the original Darlene map. The information is the same, and all the heraldry featured in the settings book is on the map as well.

Titles, Legend and Credits text are done by Darlene, her excellent calligraphy makes this map very special!


You can order a print today!

It is 45 x 35 inches printed on Satin Finish Photo paper, with an option to have it laminated. The price is $40 which includes shipping, lamination is an additional $12. The printing is done by Michael Tumey at Gamer-Printshop.com, and you can order your copy by sending him an email at:  freerpgmaps@gmail.com