Bryce screenshots

Bryce view 291212


Here comes a couple of screenshots from the latest terrain building spree in Bryce. as you can see most of the Flanaess have gone through at least a first round of terrain construction. It consists of a bit over one thousand terrain objects each having around half a million polygons, my version thereby consists of roughly 5,000,000,000 polygons this far into the project.



Bryce view 291212renderThe next screenshot is a preview render centered over the Sheldomar Valley showing my work to try shaping the extensive and mighty mountain chains of the west. The southern parts are just the same terrain object copied, moved a bit and then pasted again. I do that first to get the general position right. Then comes the process of “handcraft” each terrain object to portray how that part of the Flanaess are shaped. I use the term handcrafted since what I do is I “paint” things like altitude, various different algorithms to build things like gentle rolling hills, mighty alps, canyons. Then I apply erosion or sharpen the features to get the landscape I want. When this part is done there are the ¬†plains of the west, Sea of Dust, the Ameido and Hepmonaland left.