Amedio Jungle

Flanaess Full map131225 copy

Amedio southern preview map

Here comes a first look at the southern part of the enormous Amedio Jungle.  It covers several groups of islands including the Mist Kingdoms ruled by their Dragon Lords. There are also the Olman realm of Xamaclan one of the few surviving parts of the once mighty Olman Empire. Flanaess Full Map130706


Next will be more of the old Olman Empire, first the Olman Isles and then the heartlands of the new rulers of this part of the Flanaess, the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Amedio central preview map

Here comes the next bit of the enormous Amedio Jungle, the central parts. It covers famous places like Tamoachan and site ripe for adventure like Chetanicatla.

Flanaess Full Map130706

The Olman Empire have left many features that are now covered by the jungles but few of them are known today. So you might need to plan some adventuring in these lands to uncover them, I hope my mapping can be a good base for you to add your features to the area. As usual please comment or contact me if you spot errors or missing features.


Northern Amedio preview map

Time for a closer look at the northern part of the vast Amedio Jungle. This part of my series of previews covering bits and pieces of my upcoming Flaness map. This way I hope to have as many eyes as possible checking my work for errors and missing things. So if you notice anything please comment or send me a message using the contact form.

Flanaess Full Map130701


The central, southern parts of the Amedio are coming shortly along with the Olman Isles. Some old familiar places will be updated and published soon as well.

Sasserine and Cauldron preview map


I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately, but here is my first take on the sister cities of Sasserine and Cauldron.
Flanaess Full Map130606

The south west Flanaess are a major undertaking due to the sheer size of its lands. I’ve been working on Amedio, Hellfurnaces  the Sea of Dust and the Sulhaut Mountains for a couple of weeks. Here is the first result of this work and more will come shortly. In parallel I’m working on updating some of my old maps to fix errors and bring them up to the same standard as my latest. The first on this series will be the Viscounty of Verbobonc.

This is a preview map released under Creative Commons License 3.0 BY-NC. Final maps will also be released under this License.