Another perspective on the Flanaess


I often get asked if I’m really working in 3D which is understandable to ask since all I ever show are the top down maps. So I thought it was time to show off my work in a different way, this time from a vantage point many miles above the central Flanaess looking in various directions across the sub-continent. The quality isn’t much to brag about and Bryce shows its limitations and age in these renderings but it shows the topography I have created and is working with to do my maps.

Here comes a first picture showing Bissel and Veluna leading up to the gap of Thornward with the Yatils and Ket in the background. The misfit pieces of mountains and other wierd bits of terrain in the background are various experiments I have saved for reference to try out algorithms to see what they result in.
3D render3


Here is the central Sheldomar Valley seen from the east with Rushmoors, Grand March, Bissel in the foreground. Geoff are seen against the Barrier Peaks and far off to the right are Ekbir and Tusmit. I have to exaggerate the height of the mountains to make them stand out in top down renders. You can see why when you fly at a high altitude, all mountains look almost flat. So they are a bit off scale.

3D render4



Wholly Bay and the Wild Coast seen from north east with Welkwood, Fuss forest framing the low Southern Lortmils. In the foreground you have the Bright Desert Coast
3D render5

The southern shores of the Nyr Dyv and in the background Relmor Bay and sea of Gearnat. The Urnst countries and the mighty Celadon and the Abbor-Alz making up the center.

3D render6

Eastern part of the Empire of Iuz with Bandit Kingdoms in the foreground with Rift Canyon  leading off to the Rakers and Griff mountains with the Pale lands just in front. Way off in the distance you see Teeth of Vatun.

3D render7

The lands of Iuz and northern Whystil Lake in fron of the large expanses of cold flat lands of the Barren plains. Fellreev Forest lay as a divide between the open expanes of the north and the bandit lands south of it.

3D render8

Vesve and the Clatspurs and to the left the Yatils frame the Kershane Pass leading off to Lake Quag and Perrenland. In the distance the nomad steppes and the bitterly cold Burneal Forest. The Black Ice behind it was a bit too much for Bryce to make black so I had to resort to magic afterwards for make that come true.

3D render9

This ends the virtual tour of the Flanaess for this time. But sometime in the future with better tools I’ll be able to achieve a much better result.