2015 first update

I have to start this update with an excuse for the lack of posts. Trying to finish the Southlands map, so I’m working as many long hard hours as possible to make it in time. Mapping a continent in is tough, the Flanaess took me several years, now I’m trying to do the same in six months. I have better computers and software tools this time which is making it even remotely possible, but it is still a major undertaking. My Southlands work have taught me a A LOT about how to go about making large scale worlds and maps using 3D software. Knowledge that I will invest into future projects.

2015 is gearing up to be a very interesting year for me, first year as a true professional. Next after the Southlands will be a major upgrade to my hardware. Have ordered the parts needed for a dedicated World-Machine/Vue/Blender workstation/render machine. It will give me a computer with 128GB of RAM that can do the heavy lifting, and free up my normal computer to unhindered do all the editing, texture work etc. A new 27inch monitor, flexible arms to all my monitors, and some other goodies will make my workspace much more flexible.

3D world building/simulation is a field that are going through a revolution right now with some almost god like tools on the horizon. My goal is to try and use them to enhance tabletop role playing, the first phase have been to try and learn the basics which was something I did working on my Flanaess map. The second step is to put my skills to practical use and create work-flows and templates to effectively produce maps and illustrations for use in games, which is something the Southlands map project is teaching me.

It will probably take a few more projects before I can start working on my next goal which is to start sharing my knowledge. But that is something I intend to do. Many of the best artist have given me so much inspiration and advice through videos, blogs, books etc. I want to give some of that back and help others create the maps they dream of!

Two more map commissions are on the horizon this year, both are only early talks yet but they both look promising. Other big things for me this year will be a more formal launch of my custom map commission service, and my first set of maps for sale. Prices and details will be available in a few months.

I wish you all a great 2015 and many great games!