Sea Princes updated preview map


Thankfully there are some really sharp-eyed and knowledgeable Greyhawk fans who double and triple check my work. George Mocsary pointed out my placement of Adlerweg Keep and the road across the mountains should go to Jeklea Bay.

Flanaess Full Map130524


I went over the sources again and George was as I suspected right, I hadn’t checked my sources enough. After some research I decided to increase the mountains east of Berghof to make the pass to the south east be the natural route in and out of the province. I also found out that the Hool river should have a steep waterfall when it leaves the Spendlowe Valley before it begins it gentle flow along the plains where it forms the Hool Marshes.

So again I have to thank everyone who gives me encouragement and help, without your support it would be impossible for me to make this project so successful!

Lets see how well this version survive quality control.


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