Rel Deven Campaign map, again…


It takes time to get things right when you do a lot of things, and fantasy maps are no exception. This map for the Greyhawk campaign I run are where I try and work out the style and layout I want my Flanaess mapping project will have when its finished. Besides all that my goal with the campaign map is to add a bit of a “fog of war” feeling emphasizing the area explored by the players, and still give them inspiration and basic orientation of the world around them, names, big features and other things the characters have heard or read about.

Flanaess Full Map130220

Missing on this map are a mini-map showing what part of the Flanaess this map covers. A proper logo showing that I’m the person that made the map and more details of when it was made and what version of my map-data was used and some other trivia like where you can find the legend do help you interpret the map.

Speaking of logos, on this map I have included the official Greyhawk and Pathfinder logos, which I normally don’t. This is as stated a map of my homebrew campaign set in the world of Greyhawk using the Pathfinder RPG rules. I’m not a lawyer but I assume that I can do that on a map that I have created to be used by me and my players to make better use of all the books and modules we have bought from Wizards of the coast and Paizo. I write this not to start a debate but  only to humbly explain my intent.

Next week I will hopefully publish a first version of my legend so you can interpret my new maps better.



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