Preparing for what is to come….

Today I’m deleting a lot of old stuff on on my web server. The things that have to go are the old area maps, the first big maps from a couple of years ago and lots of old files from previous versions of my website.

All the storage space I have will be needed for the new things to come. First will be a need full map PDF preview with a lot of corrections and a few updates, then the online map will receive the same updates.  A move to HTML5 online map is next, and then its time to unveil the first map to be ready to hang on a wall.

The first release quality map will be a special treat to remember the very first Greyhawk map by Darlene. It will be “homage” with my terrain and the features as on original map and the best of all it will have titles made by Darlene herself. The size will be 48×35 inches, more details will come soon.


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