Patreon and more….

Time for an update!

I just launched my Patreon page:

This will be where most of my projects will be published from now on. You will find pledge levels from $1 to $20 depending on how much you want to get involved, I’m grateful for every bit of support!

What does this mean for

My plans for this site is to be more of a home for my Greyhawk mapping and my other work will find a home on Patreon and a new website. The online map and download page will be here and expanded on. The blog will be turned into a place where I present my personal gaming set in Greyhawk ,with appropriate maps of course.

The dawn of “MeyerHawk” is near….

Website problems

There are number of issues with the website that have appeared the last couple of weeks. Dropbox have changed how their public links works, and lots of my download links are now broken.  I will fix this in a few days time, and I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

My hosting company also shot down my contact page due to spam mail sent from it. All of the spam was sent to me, which I didn’t think was a problem for others, but I was wrong. So I need to harden it with a captcha solution. In the mean time (and in the future) you can reach me at

Work update

Two projects are in the final phases, Midgard for Kobold Press which is a huge undertaking that have kept me busy for a whole year, but now there end is in sight! The other is a smaller projects for a computer game studio, that is soon done.

Two new projects on the horizon, first a project for my Patreon, that will be announced next week. The other will be announced by a Kickstarter in October, and will fulfill more than one professional dream of mine!

This fall is geared up to be the most interesting professionally I’ve experienced so far. Launching a Patreon is a huge thing for me, I’ve always dreamt of heaving a direct channel for interaction and support with all of you interested in my work. Thanks to Patreon there is now an effective way to make that happen.

A new generation of tools are coming and they will make things possible that have only been a dream before. They need investment  in the form of money and time to learn them, that is what I hope to get from Patreon. The resources to get the tools and learn how to master them.

Most importantly I need you to inspire me, together we can create some fantastic content four our hobby.

Thank you again for your support!

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