The Next Step

From now on I have decided to switch my workflow from CorelDraw to Illustrator. Its something I had planned to do for the final map a long time back , but I have decided to switch now rather than waiting. I realized that instead of making the small area maps until I get them all done will save me a bit of time now, but it will be a huge operation to convert everything later.  I decided to convert what I’ve done so far and then do the rest in the “new” way. That will mean a week or so of conversion work before I can move on to new things.


So now you probably wonder why go to all the trouble of changing to a new set of tools. Several reasons, first and foremost I want to be able to have everything in one master map, one place to keep updated and corrected. That way I can much easier just define an area I’m interested in and export it to make a special map with very little work. Everything from local maps with extra details to large area overview maps can be made in a couple of minutes. I can also make them look much more polished with text and symbols having the final look.

It will also be much easier to add overlays with hexes, range circles or other grids and such. Plus I can export them with a much improved style over all. You will be fed updated symbols and map styles that I want your input on. My goal is for the Greyhawk community to have a set of campaign maps that are as good as the best both in style and in content, with your critique I hope I can start delivering that withing a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for all your support!

Pathfinder MMO

Its not often I write about non Greyhawk things on my site but Paizo and Goblinworks are on their last day to fund their Kickstarter so I wanted to lend them whatever help I can by urging you to consider supporting them and pledge, here is a link to the page: Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMO

I think what they are up to will become a great MMO that I’m looking forward to play!

Area map 59, version 9

Sq59v9 Added Bellmeadow, that I gave it an Elven name Arnarum using D&D 3.5 elvish from Races of the Wild. It is the birthplace of Queen Yolande.

PDF version available here:  Sq59v9

Area map 74, version 9

Sq74v9I’ve added Firewatch Island from Dungeon #106. PDF version here:  Sq74v9



Area map 44, version 5


I’ve added Living Greyhawk campaign details and corrected some spelling errors.

PDF version available here: Sq44v5

Area map 43, version 2

Sq43v2I’ve added Living Greyhawk campaign details and a few fan made places in the Tusman Hills and corrected some spelling errors.

PDF version available here: Sq43v2

Area map 30, version 5

Sq30v5Ive added a lot of things from the Living Greyhawk Campaign and a corrected so spelling errors. The PDF version can be downloaded here: Sq30v5

Dim Forest and the Valley of the Mage preview

I’m working on Dim Forest and the Upper end of the Valley of the Mage trying to give them the right feel. Both are famous (or infamous?) locations for most Greyhawk gamers, like fighting the Reptile Cult in the Rushmoors south of the village Orlane.Vale of the Mage

This is my second pass of basic editing, adjusting terrain and placing things. Soon I hope to be able to move on to touch up and trying to make things look right, not only be in the right place. Area map 57 covering Bissel and the northern part of Gran March will be out in a couple of days.
Then I’ll move continue down the Sheldomar Valley to cover Geoff, Sterich, the rest of Keoland and finally Yeomanry. This is the most mountainous area of the Flanaess and very rich in history which makes it a challenge that takes some extra time both to research and then to map.

Thank you for your support!


I have gathered $1,600 already, I’m humbled by the support, thank you all so much. I have ordered the first set of parts, SSD’s and a controller card so I can open and save document in 10 seconds rather than 10 minutes. This will make my work sessions more effective.

Happy New Year, and some news!

I hope you’re having fun celebrating right now, myself I couldn’t stay away from one of my favorite place at my computer.

I just received the latest newsletter from Lone Wolf Development, as most of you know the company that makes Hero Lab. They have a new tool for GM under development called Realm Works. It looks very promising and I have tried to get on the beta testing team but not been accepted. Anyway they are going to have a Kickstarter (who isn’t these days ;)) to try and get funds for added functions and faster release. It seems like I might be able to get on the beta team after all if I back them. Its not up yet but I intend to back them so I can try and make Greyhawk maps for their online repository, so GM’s running Greyhawk campaigns can have Greyhawk content easily available.

Maybe other fans can contribute their specialties and we can make high quality Greyhawk material available for Realm Works early on. I’ve wanted a tool like Real Works since I got my first computer many years ago, so I’m really interested to see what it’s like. After some getting used to Hero Labs and I can cooperate really well, especially for use as a player. You can read about Realm works here: Lone Wolf Development

Happy New Year everyone and thank you all for all the help and support you’ve offered me!