Another perspective on the Flanaess


I often get asked if I’m really working in 3D which is understandable to ask since all I ever show are the top down maps. So I thought it was time to show off my work in a different way, this time from a vantage point many miles above the central Flanaess looking in various directions across the sub-continent. The quality isn’t much to brag about and Bryce shows its limitations and age in these renderings but it shows the topography I have created and is working with to do my maps.

Here comes a first picture showing Bissel and Veluna leading up to the gap of Thornward with the Yatils and Ket in the background. The misfit pieces of mountains and other wierd bits of terrain in the background are various experiments I have saved for reference to try out algorithms to see what they result in.
3D render3


Here is the central Sheldomar Valley seen from the east with Rushmoors, Grand March, Bissel in the foreground. Geoff are seen against the Barrier Peaks and far off to the right are Ekbir and Tusmit. I have to exaggerate the height of the mountains to make them stand out in top down renders. You can see why when you fly at a high altitude, all mountains look almost flat. So they are a bit off scale.

3D render4



Wholly Bay and the Wild Coast seen from north east with Welkwood, Fuss forest framing the low Southern Lortmils. In the foreground you have the Bright Desert Coast
3D render5

The southern shores of the Nyr Dyv and in the background Relmor Bay and sea of Gearnat. The Urnst countries and the mighty Celadon and the Abbor-Alz making up the center.

3D render6

Eastern part of the Empire of Iuz with Bandit Kingdoms in the foreground with Rift Canyon  leading off to the Rakers and Griff mountains with the Pale lands just in front. Way off in the distance you see Teeth of Vatun.

3D render7

The lands of Iuz and northern Whystil Lake in fron of the large expanses of cold flat lands of the Barren plains. Fellreev Forest lay as a divide between the open expanes of the north and the bandit lands south of it.

3D render8

Vesve and the Clatspurs and to the left the Yatils frame the Kershane Pass leading off to Lake Quag and Perrenland. In the distance the nomad steppes and the bitterly cold Burneal Forest. The Black Ice behind it was a bit too much for Bryce to make black so I had to resort to magic afterwards for make that come true.

3D render9

This ends the virtual tour of the Flanaess for this time. But sometime in the future with better tools I’ll be able to achieve a much better result.

Rel Deven Campaign map, new style

Flanaess Full Map130220

I’m running a campaign set in Rel Deven and its surroundings in CY598. Here is the latest version of our campaign map. It has some features added that are not canon. I’ve added some towns, villages and other settlements, and also added more heraldry. The colored area are the parts the characters have explored, and the colored heraldry are the ones encountered or known to the party.

We use the Pathfinder rules with a few Greyhawk adaptations, like deities.

Bissel map

Flanaess Full Map130220


Time for the second of my series of preview maps. This time its Bissel with all its Baronies as it stood after the repelling of the Ketite invasion and everything else that happened during the Greyhawk wars.

My preview maps are both a teaser for the final Flanaess map and a way for all you Greyhawk fans to help me find as many errors as possible before anything is printed.

I’m moving south and west now to work on Gran March and what is left of Geoff and then the Valley of the Mage.

Veluna map

As a first in a series of Realm  maps that I release, mainly to try and weed out as many errors as possible on the final map.

First out is Veluna with corrected hills and mountains.

Flanaess Full Map130220

Realm Works Kickstarter

I’m trying to keep this site free from annoying banners and ads, but here is something I want to promote and urge you to consider.  A tool like Realm Works is something I have wished to have since I started to run games. My intention is to make Greyhawk maps for the Realm Works public repository.

Realm Works Kickstarter 

Realm Works Home Page

Preview map download problems

The link to the preview map didn’t always work. I think it was an issue with the huge size of the JPG and certain browsers, sometimes it showed a white image. So I made a ziped version you can download here: Preview map

I’m sorry for the hassle and hope that this works. If not just send me a note or a comment.

Full Map Preview

Flanaess Full Map130117

After some really hard work I’m done with converting all my area maps into one Illustrator file. In reality that means redraw every road and border, retype all text and place all the herladry again. I haven’t counted how many items there are on the map but it took me two weeks of grueling work at the computer.

Here is a low resolution (150 pixel per inch) preview. I’m sorry for the low quality but its the best way to just let you have a first look at it. I hope you can read the names, at least most of them are possible to read even at this low resolution. The original are 600 ppi or vector, and I have added a close up of Highfolk area in 300 ppi to give you a sense of the quality of the finished map.

I’ve worked for years to come this far and I must say that I am proud of what I have achieved  Even after starring at it for countless hours even I notice new interesting things here and there like the small rounded hills across the Tuflik  River from the city of Ceshra. They have appeared from a combination of algorithms and filters or as artifacts from the Photoshop editing.

After this I will take a few days away from Photoshop and Illustrator work to get back into research phase again, Bissel and the Sheldomar Valley are waiting to have its secrets uncovered. I have also upgraded my symbols and borders and other features on the map so I have to make a comprehensive Legend. It will be a pdf guide to my maps with a presentation and extensive notes on various small things that you might not see right away. For example that settlements symbols that spans a river indicates that there are a bridge, and if not then you have to get a boat or swim (or use one of your characters fancy magical means).

Now I’m babbling so please take a look at the map and see if you notice something amiss. I have my private campaign layers visible on this preview, so there are a few things non canon, especially in the Rel Deven area. In the future I will have them removed on my public maps.

Here is a link to the preview: Flanaess Preview 130208

Working on the full map.


Here comes a status report on my work on converting all my area maps into one map in Illustrator. So far I’ve done about one third area wise in a bout two days of work. It took me several more days to work out styles symbols text styles and lots of other pre-conversion tasks that had to be done before the actual work of remaking the maps using Illustrator. Now I have found what I can import from CorelDraw and what needs to be made from scratch again, so now the work is progressing nicely.

I’ve changed a bit of the look of things as well, both symbols and the graphic style of text and borders and roads. My ambition has been to try and make some text less intrusive, like names of small areas a Barony inside a Kingdom for instance. You have to zoom in a lot to see that as well as the small swamp that are found inside it. Most of this are set using global styles so I can tweak it afterwards across the whole map without too much hassle.


But the look of the map when it comes to fonts, symbols and elements are getting close to what I want tin the final product. There are a few more tweaks I want to do but nothing major, so now there are about a week of hard labor at the desk and a map covering the whole of the Flaness in close detail are a lot closer to being a reality!

The Next Step

From now on I have decided to switch my workflow from CorelDraw to Illustrator. Its something I had planned to do for the final map a long time back , but I have decided to switch now rather than waiting. I realized that instead of making the small area maps until I get them all done will save me a bit of time now, but it will be a huge operation to convert everything later.  I decided to convert what I’ve done so far and then do the rest in the “new” way. That will mean a week or so of conversion work before I can move on to new things.


So now you probably wonder why go to all the trouble of changing to a new set of tools. Several reasons, first and foremost I want to be able to have everything in one master map, one place to keep updated and corrected. That way I can much easier just define an area I’m interested in and export it to make a special map with very little work. Everything from local maps with extra details to large area overview maps can be made in a couple of minutes. I can also make them look much more polished with text and symbols having the final look.

It will also be much easier to add overlays with hexes, range circles or other grids and such. Plus I can export them with a much improved style over all. You will be fed updated symbols and map styles that I want your input on. My goal is for the Greyhawk community to have a set of campaign maps that are as good as the best both in style and in content, with your critique I hope I can start delivering that withing a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for all your support!

Pathfinder MMO

Its not often I write about non Greyhawk things on my site but Paizo and Goblinworks are on their last day to fund their Kickstarter so I wanted to lend them whatever help I can by urging you to consider supporting them and pledge, here is a link to the page: Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMO

I think what they are up to will become a great MMO that I’m looking forward to play!