Time for both an update on what I’m working on and a shameless plug for a Kickstarter at the same time, the Midgard Campaign Setting.

For several months my work have been centered around Kobold Press huge Midgard update, and now things are finally starting to fall in place enough for me to have some results to show. This time it is the core parts of the setting that gets an overhaul and lots of new content designed by some of the best designers in the industry. I’m one of the cartographers honored with the task of mapping out the Midgard Campaign Setting in greater detail than ever before.

In scope this project is huge and ties in with the Southlands that is a part of the Midgard Campaign Setting I mapped a little over a year ago. The area are roughly the same size but more varied and with a larger number of features, with everything from the frosty north to the deserts of the northern coast of the Southlands. My work has to work with the Southland map I did and even more importantly build Jonathan Roberts fantastic work on the Grand Duchy and its surroundings, adding more detail and expanding the area covered both north and east.

Scale and feature size will be the same as for the Southlands map, giving a wealth of detail and still trying to leave plenty of room for the imagination of gamers to make the world their own. So far I’ve created the terrain for almost half the area, and roughly half of that have been rendered and received a first round of touch-up editing.

The Kickstarter are a huge success and is more than 600% funded and lots of great stretch goals have already funded including several extra areas that needs to be mapped, so thank you all who pledged making that happen! But there are still nine days to go and lots of super cool goals to reach! The one I’m most interested in is the Open World of Midgard, creating a DM’s Guild like program for Midgard. For a creator like me I want to see this happen for as many settings as possible opening up interesting new possibilities to create. Open World of Midgard is a backer stretch goals, the Kickstarter needs to reach 2000 backers. So if you pitch in just a dollar to make this happen it would be great, and while you’re checking it out make sure you look at all the other goodies as well.

Midgard will keep me busy this spring and then I have two smaller projects lined up this summer. In the mean time I’m honing my skills and have some new cool tricks to show you that will bring things up a notch or two. More on that in a while when I’ve have something visible to show. More then on my delayed Patreon as well, sorry about that, and with your help the Open world of Midgard can be a reality as well!

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