Making Fantasy Maps

When you spend as much time with Role Playing Games as I do trying to map an entire gaming world, you have a lot of time to wonder about what you’re doing and why and also how to make it better. I’ve often been asked about how I go about creating my maps, and like all artists I love to receive attention for what I’m doing. When you’re making maps of places that only exists in books that only gamers will ever read, even finding a person who understand what you’re doing are something to treasure.

Usually I give a short technical explanation to how I go about creating my maps, you use computer program so and so for that effect and then the next application to achieve this effect. I have often given these snippet form of ordered guides and even made a few into tutorials, and I have read and viewed hundreds during the decades I’ve been trying to become a Fantasy Map Maker. Ironically now after many frustrating, hard, stubborn, determined but also fun rewarding and empowering years I can really understand and make good use of all these advice.

What I wanted all those years ago was a book that could guide me through the process of create the fantastic maps I envisioned. I realize now that what I envisioned are the hard part, like being a gardener you need the desire to grow things as well as a tool shed. So in a series of articles I’m going to try and give my view on how to make fantasy maps for role playing games. My intention is to try and release the parts every two months. Hopefully I will receive feedback and criticism of what I have written, so I will go through all of it and write a conclusion taking as much as possible of what you said into account and give my thoughts on it.

If there are enough interest I will go over the articles and conclusions edit and rewrite and add content and make it into a book about Map making for Fantasy RPG’s

These are the parts I intend to cover:

Introduction (this part)

 Part 1 – Anatomy of Role Playing Games
My view on what a Role Playing Game is and my view on their history and future….

Part 2 – The Role of Maps
A journey through the archives of Fantasy maps for role playing…..

Part 3 – Surveying a Fantasy World
How to build an image in your mind and make it work….

Part 4 – The Making of a Fantasy Map
Arm yourself and be ready to chisel out that masterpiece…..

Part 5 – Conclusion
So did all this make any sense…

It will will be a journey from the basic parts of role playing itself, to continue with the role of maps and the thinking behind them. Then I will try and take you on a journey through the art of surveying a fantasy world and finally to the actual making of a map and its tools.

I hope you want to come with me on the quest to make Fantasy maps.

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