Happy New Year!

I wish all of you a happy new year with I hope will bring you much time to game!

Mapping HQ have just undergone a major renovation and upgrade in the form of a desk replacement, now I have a bigger desk that are adjustable so I can stand up or sit down and work. Judging from two days of standing up, that will be the common MO from now on.

2013 have in many ways been a great year, I have accomplished most of what I set out to do. My Flanaess mapping project have major mapping all done! After a bit over 15 years of painstakingly pouring over modules, source-books, novels, fanzines and countless other Greyhawk related stuff the “initial” version of the map is done. What is left is to add the last details of the titles then the Wall map is ready. The Atlas version is starting to take shape in the form of deciding on what format and making a few test pages. More on that in the weeks to come.

I labeled my Greyhawk mapping as “initial”, with that I mean it is ready to be handed over to you guys to make it your own. What I have created are the foundation any enterprising Greyhawk Gamer who so like, can use as a base for his or her own version of Greyhawk. To make that happen I have started to share high-resolution versions and my source material using Bittorrent Sync. I know its not perfect, but it is very easy for me, efficient, and most important it allows me to invest my resources in better tools instead of having to buy bandwith and server space.
To better serve your interest I will share my maps in two folders, one for final maps in the form of PDF’s and JPG’s. This are for those of you who want my maps as they are, in high quality but don’t intend to work on them much further. The second share will be for those of you who are after the full Monty, all the source-files and supporting material. Here will be Photoshop-, Illustrator-, Bryce-files and many other things. It will be a many GB’s but worth it for those of you who want to make their own versions of my maps for their own campaigns.

My series of articles on Map making and RPG’s is something that I didn’t fulfill as promised, I’m sorry for that. There are two reasons behind it, one is that I wanted to devote as much time as possible to get the Flanaess map done. The other is that I agreed to write a chapter for Michael Tumey’s book 25 Quick & Dirty Map Tutorials Guide Book. That overlapped a lot with what I had planned for my articles, which made me decide to do that instead. Look for Michael’s book later 2014, I know he has a lot of cool tips lined up for you in it!

The biggest thing for me next year are the launch of my next big project. Having worked for more than a decade on my Greyhawk maps it is a big change for me to move on to new things. I must admit that there are days when I feel I have stared enough at the Flanaess. One player in my campaign asked me how far it was to the Pomarj from where they where, circa 600 miles I said without thinking. After having checked on my map I was almost spot on, then I realized I have looked at it a bit too much. So what can match the urge to map a campaign world, and fill my time, passion and urge to make maps?

After playing around with various ideas and rejected a couple of chances to do commissioned work, that wasn’t suited for me anyway. I have come up with a project that is larger than Greyhawk, not in scale but in scope. After having worked with large maps covering landscapes and whole regions of a world, is it time to move in and work on details. Over the years I have tried and used lots of “game mats”, tiles, squares and other types of maps suited for the game table. With the risk of sounding pompous I saying that I have come up with a way to improve them.

My next project is to create a system of “map-tiles” for virtual table-top, and conventional game table use. It will be a commercial project with maps available, on d20pro, Roll20 and Real Works as well as DrivethroughRPG, printed versions will come as well. A full presentation will came later this year with a free sample series. This will be a generic fantasy project, but I will use it in my campaign so it will be fully usable in a Greyhawk campaign. If it is successful I will be able to make some “Greyhawk specials” as well!

So again Happy Gaming and I wish you all a Great 2014!

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