Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a great time and hope you will get the chance to both see family and friends and hopefully get some time over for gaming among all the festivities.  Time for me to start the holiday season with some presents – special Flanaess maps!

The first one might not look like much, but might come in handy as a base map for all sorts of data mapping. Want to make a map of the spread of various religions, monsters, ethnicities or why not climates. then this map is for you!

Flanaess coastlines_th

It has the coastline and big lakes only, and can be easily resized to fit various needs.

The next map has apart from the coastlines also all the rivers and lakes added, so you can make maps for trade routes and such. Below is a piece of it to show what it looks like.  

river detail  

The next is the full terrain but in grey with enhanced details like rivers and mountains, great as a base for detailed political or historical maps.

detail grey


It is also available in a lighter version that might be more suited as a base for color overlays.

light gray detail

Finally a old style parchment version suited for “in game” use, as a hand out, or as a castle wall decoration!

parch detail

All the maps are in my Map Repository and are in the same resolution as the full Flanaess map, so they can be used as a background instead of the full color terrain of so preferred.

Tomorrow I will add some more Christmas presents to the repository, and with a bit of luck there will be even bigger presents for Needfest!


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