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Time to promote my friend Mortellans blog Greyhawkery. He writes many great articles on Greyhawk and in his post on June 9th he mentions me and my Greyhawk maps. He asks when I will get to Ull. For the few of you Greyhawk fans who are not aware of the fact that Mortellan are an Greyhawk expert in general and THE authority on this not much heard of Greyhawk realm far of in the west.

The comments functions was broken so I use my own blog to first say that if you have any interest in Greyhawk you have to read what Mortellan writes on his blog it is up to date and always interesting.

So now now to when i’m going to map Ull. I’m currently working on the Hellfurnaces and the Sea of Dust, which will probably take me a week or so. But in the meantime I will plan the way north by researching the Dry Steppes, Ull and the Paynims.

The actual mapping of Ull already began long ago when i did the terrain of Ull for a map in Oerth Journal. That was the first version of Ull and when I did it my skills wasn’t as good as they are today and I hadn’t done much research. This winter when I did the Barrier Peaks I had a new go at the terrain of Ull and below is a screenshot of the next try to create the looks of Ull.


Its a very rough preview render right from Bryce, but it will you a chance to see where I’m heading. Hopefully I can start to improve on this in a week or two with some expert help from the best Sage of the West 🙂


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