Spread & Notation maps

Spread  & Notation maps to keep track of  political influence, religion, alignments or that pesky undead infestation, or use them to write notes on. A series of simple maps meant to be painted over with colors of patterns to indicate that critical aspect you need to keep track of for your Greyhawk campaign.

For more permanent and stylish use, load it in your photo edit program, slap on a new layer and paint on the information you want to have on the map, like trade arrows, text symbols or just a black ominous spread for  Iuz or the Brotherhood or your favorite sekt!

Layered Spread Maps

Come in the form of a Photoshop (PSD) file with a number of layers including terrain, shaded terrain, parchment, roads, border and more!
There are six color layers with masks ready to be used, and you can easily add more as needed. The file also comes with masks for land and water for easy and fast creation of spread maps covering only land or water.

By combining the various layers you can create great looking spread maps with the details you need without too much fuss. The layers are already set to the right blend mode and opacity, but change them as needed for different needs.

This file comes in three different sizes: 8300px for detailed large maps and 3000px for more manage maps and 800px for more of a simple overview. The 800px map doesn’t have all the layers since the resolution is not high enough for roads, border etc to be visible.

Note that the “small print” like settlement names and such are not legible, the Spread Maps purpose is not to be used for detailed information like names of settlements, rivers etc. These maps are to give insights to data that have a large geographic footprint, like political influence, or where you can find a certain kind of monster.

The data are based on the 2017 Edition with an early version of the 2018 terrain.

Layered Spread Map 8300px 1.17GB

Layered Spread Map 3000px 301MB

Layered Spread Map 800px 76MB


Basic Spread Maps

A simple background  map you can add information on top of using your image editor of choice.  They come in three sizes 300 pixels, 1000 pixels and 5000 pixels that matches the full map.

Spread 300pxSpread 300px greySpread 300px light grey

Basic Spread Map 300 pixels (zip 1MB)

Basic Spread Map 1000 pixels (zip 1.2MB)

Basic Spread Map 5000 pixels (zip 13.8MB)