Spread & Notation maps

Shaded w coastlines 300pxSpread  & Notation maps to keep track of influences, religion, alignments or that pesky undead infestation, or use them to write notes on. A series of simple maps meant to be painted over with colors of patterns to indicate that critical aspect you need to keep track of for your Greyhawk campaign.

They come in three sizes 300 pixels, 2000 pixels and 20000 pixels that matches the full map. Three different color variations, Light Grey, Dark Grey and light Grey w blue water.

For more permanent and stylish use, load it in your photo edit program, slap on a new layer and paint on the information you want to have on the map, like trade arrows, text symbols or just a black ominous spread for  Iuz or the Brotherhood or your favorite sekt!

Here are the variants, Black and White Coastlines, Blue and White Coastlines, Shaded Light Green, two Parchment variants, White with Ocean depth, Black and White with Rivers, Blue and White with Rivers,  Light Green with Rivers, Shaded White.


The Spread Maps

ZIP 300px, ZIP 2000px, ZIP 20000px

Below are the old Spread Maps

Spread 300pxSpread 300px greySpread 300px light grey

300px Light Grey,  300px Dark Grey300px Blue

1000px Light Grey, 1000px Dark Grey, 1000px Blue

5000px Light Grey, 5000px Dark Grey, 5000px Blue