Flanaess Map Download Page

Below you will find links to my Flanaess map and its source files. The files are served from my Dropbox public folder. Due to the size I recommend the use of an an internet download manager such as GetRight, FlashGet or Internet Download Manager. Please continue to report any issues using my contact form.

My Flanaess map is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This license allow you to share and adapt it for non commercial purposes. So please download, print and share it!

Full Map, 2017 Edition

final map

PDF format

Flanaess 2017 PDF 257MB

JPG format

Non Hexed JPG: 127MB
Hexed JPG: 320MB

Realm Maps, 2015 revision 1


Realm Maps with Symbols and Labels: ZIP 867MB

Realm Maps no Symbols or Labels: ZIP 816MB

Realm Maps with Titles: ZIP 463MB

3000 pixel Square Maps, 2015 revision 1

Squares w numbers-01

The Flanaess in squares each a bit over 3000 pixels across for use with campaign managers like Realm Works that best handles images of reasonable size. Downloadable in zip format including both numbered (seen above) and unnumbered overview.

The player map version lacks borders and text. So physical things like settlements, castles, roads etc are visible but no text labels.

Terrain only: ZIP 148MB

Terrain with 12 mile hexes: ZIP 297MB

Player version: ZIP 282MB

GM version: ZIP 289MB

24 x 36 inch Maps (2016 Edition)

24x36 print layout numbered

The Flanaess in 12 “more manageable chunks” each 24 x 36 inches. Layered PDF files (PDF version 10), including a 12 mile numbered hex layer that can be turned on using the layered panel.

Part 1                   Part 2               Part 3

Part 4                   Part 5               Part 6

Part 7                   Part 8               Part 9

Part 10                Part 11              Part 12

Winter (2016 Edition)


Winter map with labels (119MB)

Winter maps no labels (107MB)


Heraldry export title

Flanaess Heraldry used on my Flanaess map, and a few others added as well.

Heraldry: ZIP 10MB


Source files

My Flanaess map is released Below are my source files for those of you who want to create your own version of the map, or use bits and pieces of it for your own maps.

Bryce Terrain: Br5 947MB

Terrain layered Photoshop: PSB 1.82GB

Complete Illustrator Map file: AI 4.44GB

Complete map Photoshop: PSB 2.70GB

Complete map Photoshop hexed: PSB 2.88GB

Terrain only map (no hex): JPG 331MB

Terrain only map (hexed): JPG 541MB