the next step….

Made another little milestone today when I merged all the different parts of the project into one.

You can click on the map for a bigger preview!
For the first time the terrain, symbols, title, legend and credits layers reside in one document. There are still things to do on each of the parts, but finished enough to be ready for the final round of tweaks. I’m still adding content to the map itself, the latest are Ket that was given an overhaul correcting and adding things from the LG campaign. Highfolk, Irongate and Keoland are also up for a final do over.

The legend is in its 3rd incarnation and now its good enough to be ready for a final public scrutiny, especially spelling and grammar needs a look at to weed out as many errors as possible. The same goes for the Credits that also need some looking into so all the names that should be on the map are on it!

The next version of the PDF will be ready later this week and hopefully a new HTML5 online map soon thereafter. I get less and less error reports which is good, it seems that more and more of the typos are being dealt with. That means I will be more ready for all the typos to correct in the legend and credits sections.

The wall map is now officially on the homestretch, thank you all who have helped and supported me over the years, it couldn’t be done without your help!

When the wall map is done I will take a week of vacation on Maui and the come back to start the work on the other  big part of this project, the Atlas. I have a lot of ideas and some concepts worked out, so I know what I want to accomplish  and most of the work are already done.

What I have left to do is to cut up the wall map into manageable pieces that will fit on a 11 x 17 page, add things like decor, page numbers and other special graphics to guide the reader and complement the maps. This can fill enough pages for a book and more so this will be the Vol1 of the Atlas. Alongside with the Atlas I will also make a Realm Works adaptation of the map as well, it will be available in the Realm Works Repository for free.

When I moved to California I decided to set aside a couple of years and finish my Flaness map project. When this is done a bit into next year my Greyhawk mapping will not end but it will be done as a side thing on my free time. My main focus will be a new mapping project that will be very ambitious and even though its generic fantasy it will something I will use in my Greyhawk games and a useful enhancement to any fantasy RPG game. It will be a commercial project and if it is successful, it means I will have plenty of opportunity to do some cool Greyhawk maps as well.

What I want to make is a number of special maps that also will complement the main map, things like a political overview, trade, historical maps etc. A detailed presentation of my next project and more about the Atlas will come later when I have more to show. More details on the printed versions with size, cost, how to order and such will be presented in december. My friend Michael Tumey at Gamer-Printshop will be ready when its time to print.

Thanks again for all your support!


Greyhawk Maps

I dreamed about making a detailed map of the Greyhawk campaign setting since bought the boxed set in 1983 and started running games set in it. After a decade of dabbling with pen and paper I found the digital tools I needed when  Bryce (3D terrain software) came out in 1996. After a year or so of struggling to figure out how to realize my vision of how a campaign map for a fantasy role playing world should look like, I had learned enough to get to work.

I researched and mapped as a hobby and slowly got more and more done over the years. After I moved to California in 2010 I started to work on my project full time. Now I have done around 80% of what I set out to do.


The stages of my Project mapping the World of Greyhawk

Stage 1

To complete the actual mapping and releasing area maps covering the whole of the Flanaess. I will have this done a few months into 2013.

Stage 2

When I have the computer and web resources I can start work on stage two:

  • High Resolution files ready for you to print wall maps of various sizes, and versions with 12-mile hexes and others.
  • High Resolution media ready for print version of the atlas.
  • E-Book version of an Flanaess Atlas in the form of a layered PDF, with oversight maps, realm maps, speciality maps, like trade flows and others.
  • Online version of the Atlas in the form of a Prezi presentation or similar that will be compatible with iPads and other tablets.

All of this released as Creative Commons available for free download.

 Stage 3

When I have the the resources to move to stage four, I will try and help other fans by releasing all of my source material to the fan community

  •  Release all the source files, under the Creative common non commercial license, in several different formats: CorelDraw, Illustrator, SVG, Photoshop. What format will depend on what it is. This will include all the symbols, textures, heraldry and everything.
  • Release all the Bryce files, under Creative commons license, with the Flanaess terrain, including all the textures.
  • I will re-write all my notes on how to do things and settings into tutorials that can be used to bring others up to speed on how to use the material for their own projects.

This will make it possible to make your own version of Greyhawk, having things exactly as you want them. It would be a prefect starting point for someone eager to map the rest of Oerth. It would be a cheap and easy way for someone to use what I have done to create a similar map for another campaign world, so if you for example want to map the Forgotten Realms or Golarion these files would be a great way to start.


All the revenue I make on maps I do for commission or sell will be added as well as donations made through Paypal (button in the sidebar). So that means there will be more of a reason to by maps and other products I will present in the future.

The progress bar on here will be updated every time I’m able to add more money to my map making budget. I’m not dependent on donations to continue to map Greyhawk, but donations can speed up things a lot since I have to spend less time on other projects.


The funds I receive for this will be used to cover the cost of hosting and running my website, upgrade my computer hardware and software to be able to make more and better maps. To reach stage two will take $5,000 and stage three $10,000. It will take a while but I will get there. I will keep this progress bar updated so you can see how much I have managed to get.

I’m so grateful for all the support I receive in the form of research help, constructiv criticism and donations, what I do would not be possible to do without your support, thank you!