After over 15 years it is finally time to drop the “Preview”, now I’m working on the final map!

The last pieces started to fall in place when Darlene sent me more of her fantastic calligraphy. So this week I will go over the map one last time and correct the last issues I have noted. Paul Newland have made a couple of hundred pages of note from the Living Greyhawk Campaign that I will read and add my findings from as well. With a lot of hard work and a bit of luck I will have a release candidate ready next week.

Then its time for me to both start work on the Atlas and also get my next project up to speed, from now on Greyhawk maps will be a part time occupation. To make sure that diehard Hawker’s out there don’t despair here are some tidbits on what is upcoming on the Greyhawk front.

First is a concept test of what a page in the Atlas might look like:

Atlas test 1 base terrain-08-01


Working with ideas of how to add features for navigation and to present content in Atlas form as best as possible. I will present more on the Atlas as it takes shape in the coming months.

Here is a “quick and dirty” Old School Style test:

Test Old School style


The map is in layers which means that you can fairly easily change the look of the map and still keep symbols and text. Here is a test I did to try and see what my map would look like in the style a bit like the original Greyhawk map, I didn’t add the hexes though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Map Repository changes

I have decided to add another folder to the Bittorrent sync called, GH SOURCE. In it will be my source files in the form of Photoshop, Illustrator and Bryce files, and probably some other formats as well. These files are for those of you who want to make their own versions of my maps. The files are big and will require a fairly powerful machine to use, but with them you have a chance to work on the files I use, so I hope to see some really cool versions of Greyhawk out there soon!

Details on how to access the GH SOURCE folder is on the Map Repository page.

I will move some of the files from GH SYNC to GH SOURCE Friday the 17th. I will detail that in a post tomorrow so you will have a chance to copy them if you don’t want to have to download them again via the new folder.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement, it makes me a very happy mapper!

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