End of donations!

donate-paypal-logoI just took down my Paypal Donation button, it marks an end of an era for me. The paypal donation button have been on my website in one form or another since 1999. For an amateur artist I used it as a way to try and cover a bit of the costs of running a website, and over the years more and more of you have been very supportive and helped me finance what used to be my hobby.

The last three years your contributions have made it possible for me to devote far more time and resources to my fantasy map making. a whole new generation of tools in the form of better computers and software have elevated my work to new heights. So far only glimpses of that work have become finished maps. But that is about to change, thanks to your inspiration, critique and support I’m now a professional, thank you all for all your help!

So therefore I’m hereby ending the era of donations. From now on you will have to give me financial support by buying the products my maps are published in. In the future I will also sell maps directly through various channels, the content markets of Realm Works and d20Pro, online PDF stores and also directly on my site. I will also launch a custom RPG map service for those of you who want to have a map made just for you.

As a part of this transition I will create and new website under my own name. This site will live on as a home for my Greyhawk map repository and also receive a makeover next year, but my blog, new work and services will be on my new site.

Again that you so much for all your generous support you have given me all these years, and I hope you will be interested in what I’m working on in the future. As Head Cartographer for Kobold Press Southlands I’m working hard on a series of maps for that project. So I’m taking this chance to invite you to take part of the journey to the Southlands by supporting:  Southlands: New Fantasy Options for Pathfinder RPG

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