Dim Forest and the Valley of the Mage preview

I’m working on Dim Forest and the Upper end of the Valley of the Mage trying to give them the right feel. Both are famous (or infamous?) locations for most Greyhawk gamers, like fighting the Reptile Cult in the Rushmoors south of the village Orlane.Vale of the Mage

This is my second pass of basic editing, adjusting terrain and placing things. Soon I hope to be able to move on to touch up and trying to make things look right, not only be in the right place. Area map 57 covering Bissel and the northern part of Gran March will be out in a couple of days.
Then I’ll move continue down the Sheldomar Valley to cover Geoff, Sterich, the rest of Keoland and finally Yeomanry. This is the most mountainous area of the Flanaess and very rich in history which makes it a challenge that takes some extra time both to research and then to map.

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