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One of a kind maps, and others that don’t fi in the other categories.

Flanaess in 3000 pixel squares…

Squares w numbers-01

Just finished my latest project, so today I used the day for some Flaness work I had on my agenda – bite sized squares for use with Realm Works. Each square is 3000 pixels across and will come in several varieties, first out is terrain only.  This set will be followed by squares with hexes, symbols and text. This so you can have unmarked ones for player maps and other with everything. Legend and credits and heraldry are removed to show as much of the map as possible. They are made using my raw high resolution and then compressed into JPG’s for best results. Each square are around 1MB in size, so they should fit into your RW campaign.

You can grab them here in zip format or from my GHSYNC Bittorrent Share. The next set will be ready in a few days.



Flanaess in 24×36!

24x36 print layout numbered

Time for some Greyhawk map upkeep. First out is my Flaness map in 24 x 36 pdf’s. This is the map only, I had to remove some extras in order to squeeze it into 12 24×36 parts. Hex layer is hidden but available using the layers panel, in case you want to view or print a hex map.

Yopu can find the PDF’s here: http://ghmaps.net/greyhawk-maps/flanaess-24×36-inch/

Time for an update!

Mural style3
First let me present a new style of Flanaess map, if my standard have been a bit like Google earth so far, this is more parchment or mural like. There is a 24×30 inch version with some text and borders, and a full size version terrain only. The large version can replace the full color terrain for a different look. The 24×30 inch is a good map to print since most printers have 24×36 as a standard.

There is also a more pure parchment version, both can be a good base for overview and things like trade or simply as in game handouts.
Mural style4

Both these map are available in GH SYNC, so those of you who use it probably already have it. I’m glad to see the number of people interested in my maps are increasing a bit each day. So I’m trying to give you new maps as often as I can.

Both these maps are a result of my work on the Atlas, for which I have to create a range of special maps as a base for various maps that will be included in the Atlas.

High resolution PDF’s and JPG’s are also added to the GH SYNC share, they are large and aimed to be used for prints. The Flanaess is divided in to 6 parts each 33.6x 58 inches.

The Realm maps in GH SYNC have also been updated, and the photoshop files have been replaced with easier to use JPG’s. The quality of the files are still roughly the same since I used as little compression as possible.

For those of you who want to tinker more with the maps the GH SOURCE share have all the source-files available as Illustrator, Bryce and Photoshop files. I will look into converting them to other formats as well so more of you can use them. But now those of you who want to can dig into the Flaness and do what I do, map your version of Greyhawk!

Mr Tumey at Gamer-Printshop.com is doing test ptints of my maps, more updates will come when he reports the results.

D&D celebrated 40, something we Greyhawk fans appreciate more than most do I think. some of us have gamed almost that long!

The Flanaess in 100 pieces!


Added  to the Map Repository – The Flanaess in 100 pieces, each nation and some other parts as well as a separate 300pdi PSD files. There are two sets of files, one with text and symbols, and one terrain only.


I choose to go with psd files to make them look as good as possible. You can use open source GIMP  among others to use the files. With the symbols you can add your own content to the map.

I have also added a PSD of the whole terrain, without text legend or other disturbing elements. So now you can cut out any part you want for that special map.  This is a flat file, meaning it doesn’t have any layers which makes it usable on more normal computers. I will soon make the layered version available as well, it is in PSB – Photoshop Large File Format which probably requires Photoshop to open and edit. But it has all the layers with rivers and snow and other things on separate layers.

The Flanaess all

Its great to see more and more of you use the Map Repository!

Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a great time and hope you will get the chance to both see family and friends and hopefully get some time over for gaming among all the festivities.  Time for me to start the holiday season with some presents – special Flanaess maps!

The first one might not look like much, but might come in handy as a base map for all sorts of data mapping. Want to make a map of the spread of various religions, monsters, ethnicities or why not climates. then this map is for you!

Flanaess coastlines_th

It has the coastline and big lakes only, and can be easily resized to fit various needs.

The next map has apart from the coastlines also all the rivers and lakes added, so you can make maps for trade routes and such. Below is a piece of it to show what it looks like.  

river detail  

The next is the full terrain but in grey with enhanced details like rivers and mountains, great as a base for detailed political or historical maps.

detail grey


It is also available in a lighter version that might be more suited as a base for color overlays.

light gray detail

Finally a old style parchment version suited for “in game” use, as a hand out, or as a castle wall decoration!

parch detail

All the maps are in my Map Repository and are in the same resolution as the full Flanaess map, so they can be used as a background instead of the full color terrain of so preferred.

Tomorrow I will add some more Christmas presents to the repository, and with a bit of luck there will be even bigger presents for Needfest!


Flanaess 576 CY map!


My project to map the World of Greyhawk is nearing the finish line, so in order to celebrate that I have gone back to where Greyhawk started. With the Greyhawk Boxed Set came a gorgeous hand drawn map, by Darlene, that have become a classic depiction of the campaign world as it stood in 576 CY.

Darlene map131120

This version of the Flanaess uses my terrain and symbols style, and it covers the same area as the original Darlene map. The information is the same, and all the heraldry featured in the settings book is on the map as well.

Titles, Legend and Credits text are done by Darlene, her excellent calligraphy makes this map very special!


You can order a print today!

It is 45 x 35 inches printed on Satin Finish Photo paper, with an option to have it laminated. The price is $40 which includes shipping, lamination is an additional $12. The printing is done by Michael Tumey at Gamer-Printshop.com, and you can order your copy by sending him an email at:  freerpgmaps@gmail.com



Greyhawk maps in Realm Works…..

RW screen

Since I got my first computer I have dreamt of having a tool that was designed to manage a role Playing campaign world, and now after a long wait I have it!

It is Realm Works from Lone Wolf Development  famous for their excellent character management tool Hero Lab. I participated in their successful Kickstarter campaign and as a reward I been able to use a beta version of Realm Works for a while. It is a very impressive tool with much to offer any Game Master, and one of my aims are to adapt my Flanaess map for use with Realm Works. This blog post is just a way to tell you that work has now started in earnest and when Realm Works will be available and the content repository will be available there will be a version of my maps adapted for Realm Works coming.


Online map test


One of the goals for my Flanaess mapping project is to create an online version. The first test version ready to use, you can test it at: http://ghmaps.net/onlinemap/onlinemap.html


It uses Flash so it will not work on some devices. If it works well from my website I will upgrade it to use HTML5 so it can be used on most devices.


Rel Deven Campaign map, new style

Flanaess Full Map130220

I’m running a campaign set in Rel Deven and its surroundings in CY598. Here is the latest version of our campaign map. It has some features added that are not canon. I’ve added some towns, villages and other settlements, and also added more heraldry. The colored area are the parts the characters have explored, and the colored heraldry are the ones encountered or known to the party.

We use the Pathfinder rules with a few Greyhawk adaptations, like deities.