Area maps

Flanaess Atlas update

A lot of behind the scenes work is taking place at mapping HQ at the moment. Most of my time is devoted to my overland hex map project. At the moment it is basic workflow, templates, textures and things that are very dull and aren’t much to show or talk about but are a necessary part of my kind of work.

Atlas Page A4The Flanaess Atlas is also coming along, and now its time to look at page set up. I’ve decided to try and make separate versions for Letter and A4 to be able to make maximum use of the page. It is a bit extra work, but worth it to try and please both U.S. and international Greyhawk fans.

The PDF’s are layered and the hexes are on a separate layer so you can turn them on or off. Each page is around 5MB which means that the whole Atlas will be around 500MB. Its a bit much, I’ll try and compress it a bit more. To make a decision in the trade off between quality and size is a major hassle, since I look the the original and don’t want to sacrifice too much of it.

My workaround will be to first make separate PDF’s for each page for print. Then to make a separate combined version for digital use that is more compressed.

You can download the test pages here:
Atlas test page Letter

Atlas test page A4

Area map 59, version 9

Sq59v9 Added Bellmeadow, that I gave it an Elven name Arnarum using D&D 3.5 elvish from Races of the Wild. It is the birthplace of Queen Yolande.

PDF version available here:  Sq59v9

Area map 74, version 9

Sq74v9I’ve added Firewatch Island from Dungeon #106. PDF version here:  Sq74v9



Area map 44, version 5


I’ve added Living Greyhawk campaign details and corrected some spelling errors.

PDF version available here: Sq44v5

Area map 43, version 2

Sq43v2I’ve added Living Greyhawk campaign details and a few fan made places in the Tusman Hills and corrected some spelling errors.

PDF version available here: Sq43v2

Area map 30, version 5

Sq30v5Ive added a lot of things from the Living Greyhawk Campaign and a corrected so spelling errors. The PDF version can be downloaded here: Sq30v5

Area map 6, version 2

Sq6v2PDF version available here: Sq6v2

Area map 5, version 3

PDF version available here: Sq5v3 Sq5v3

Area map 4, version 1

PDF version available here: Sq4v1 Sq4v1

Area map 26, version 2

PDF version available here: Sq26v2 Sq26v2