Final map 6 parts…

Flanaess Full map131225 copy

I have split the map into 6 pieces in order to make it ready for print. Full size 300DPI JPG’s are in the Map Repository.

Flanaess Full map131225 copy

I have adjusted small text and symbols so they aren’t on the split. Trying to make sure I’m cutting as few names as possible in two (or more) parts.

Flanaess Full map131225 copy

Flanaess Full map131225 copyFlanaess Full map131225 copyFlanaess Full map131225 copy

More Symbols

Symbols Races

Here are the racial/cultural marker symbols I use by themselves. The picture above is a PNG with transparent background. You can download a vector SVG version here:



Symbols Chart 131224

Here is all the symbols on my map is PNG format with a transparent background. Perfect if you want to use the same symbols on your Greyhawk maps as I have used on mine.

If you rather work in a vector format here they are in SVG format:
You can use Inkscape which is open source and free to use them.

They are also in my Map Repository, along with the Illustrator version of my 576 CY map, so if you use Illustrator you can tweak it any way you like!

Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a great time and hope you will get the chance to both see family and friends and hopefully get some time over for gaming among all the festivities.  Time for me to start the holiday season with some presents – special Flanaess maps!

The first one might not look like much, but might come in handy as a base map for all sorts of data mapping. Want to make a map of the spread of various religions, monsters, ethnicities or why not climates. then this map is for you!

Flanaess coastlines_th

It has the coastline and big lakes only, and can be easily resized to fit various needs.

The next map has apart from the coastlines also all the rivers and lakes added, so you can make maps for trade routes and such. Below is a piece of it to show what it looks like.  

river detail  

The next is the full terrain but in grey with enhanced details like rivers and mountains, great as a base for detailed political or historical maps.

detail grey


It is also available in a lighter version that might be more suited as a base for color overlays.

light gray detail

Finally a old style parchment version suited for “in game” use, as a hand out, or as a castle wall decoration!

parch detail

All the maps are in my Map Repository and are in the same resolution as the full Flanaess map, so they can be used as a background instead of the full color terrain of so preferred.

Tomorrow I will add some more Christmas presents to the repository, and with a bit of luck there will be even bigger presents for Needfest!


Online map is working again!

PDF thumb

The online map is up again. Most of the updates this time are to the legend and its text. What is left to do is to get the last of the titles in place and correct the last grammatical and typos in the legend text.


Map Repository

I have created a BitTorrent Sync share, as a way for me to share the really big files. In it will be high quality PDF and JPG versions of my maps and, soon also source files in the form of Illustrator and Photoshop files.

In order to access it you need to download the BitTorrent Sync client and install it on your computer. It uses a key that they call a secret to control and direct access to shared folders. To access my maps use the following secret:


The key gives you read only access to my maps. Everything I share this way is Creative Commons -BY -NC so you can share it and copy it and alter it for your own games as much as you like. The terms of use for this licence can be found here:

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

This information can be found as a page under the Greyhawk maps menu for future reference.

Right now there is 2.4GB of map goodies: The 576 CY special map and the latest Preview map, both in full print quality.


Flanaess 576 CY map!


My project to map the World of Greyhawk is nearing the finish line, so in order to celebrate that I have gone back to where Greyhawk started. With the Greyhawk Boxed Set came a gorgeous hand drawn map, by Darlene, that have become a classic depiction of the campaign world as it stood in 576 CY.

Darlene map131120

This version of the Flanaess uses my terrain and symbols style, and it covers the same area as the original Darlene map. The information is the same, and all the heraldry featured in the settings book is on the map as well.

Titles, Legend and Credits text are done by Darlene, her excellent calligraphy makes this map very special!


You can order a print today!

It is 45 x 35 inches printed on Satin Finish Photo paper, with an option to have it laminated. The price is $40 which includes shipping, lamination is an additional $12. The printing is done by Michael Tumey at, and you can order your copy by sending him an email at:



Map updates, again!

PDF thumb

Time again for new versions of the big Flanaess map. first out is the PDF
Thanks to some more aggressive compression this version is 168MB in size, without loosing too much quality. PDF’s of this size will be tough for almost any computer to handle without struggling. In that case I can recommend  the online version.

The online map will be off line tomorrow in order to be updated as well. With a bit of luck this will be one of the last rounds of updates before the final version.

More news and a first map available in print will be announced here tomorrow!

Online map is online again!

The Online map is updated and working again. It is still the flash based version, I will need some more time to create a HTML5 version so I have decided to put that conversion on hold until I’m done with the map itself.

There are some issues with settlement symbols, both on the legend and the map. The fortified versions of the settlement symbols disn’t come out right. It seems to be a problem that happens when I export from Illustrator to Photoshop, the PDF version seems to be as it should. I’m aware of it and will look into it, and I have some ideas for workarounds  to try and solve it. Thankfully the PDF version is working, which is the base for prints, so it should not delay prints.

The Online map can be found here:

Map updates!

PDF thumb

I’m working hard to get the wall map ready, and its the legend that have been the center of attention lately. A lot of small errors, mostly of stylish nature have also been corrected.

So its time for a new round of preview maps. Hopefully one of the last, since the number of comments regarding errors are on the decline. But the feedback is going up, more and more people seem to find what I’m doing interesting. Thank you all for you all for your interest and support!

The online map will be down from tomorrow (Friday) morning (PST around 9am) until a new version is uploaded, which usually takes about 16 hours. So expect it back again on Saturday. I was hoping to have the HTML5 version ready, but after spending a bit of time with the manual I realize it will take me some time to set it up. I decided I better spend that time on getting the wall map ready, so it will be a Flash based Zoomify until after the holidays.

Two new PDF previews are available for download. One is a high quality version 1.47GB in size and is available here:

High quality Preview map 131204

This is both a distribution test to see if I can use a Dropbox share to distribute large files, and also a way to see if you find them useful. This file is also of interest to those of you who want to organize your own printing of the wall map (more later on ordering a wall map). This full print quality PDF giving all of you interested a change to check it out and find things that needs to be addressed before the final version.

Compressed PDF Preview map 131204

This map is compressed down to 166MB in size. My previous PDF’s have been compressed using Illustrator and I haven’t been overly happy with the results. CorelDraw was able to produce better looking files smaller in size. So now I’m trying out Acrobat Pro’s compression, and to me the results looks better considering the size of the file. So please take a close look and compare the two and see what difference you see. It should only be the terrain, and the drop shadow effects, that differ since that is the only bitmaps in the file.

My friend Michael Tumey at  will be organizing the printing of the wall map.

The full 6 piece map will be $245 + $9 for lamination if you want that option. Shipping will be an estimated $27 via USPS and he can ship globally. More details on how to order will come when the final map is ready!

I have to state that I the reason I use  as my go to printer is that not only is he a professional printer, he is also a fellow gamer and Fantasy Cartographer so he knows what he is doing. I’m not getting anything financially from the prints, and by making the final maps available in full quality PDF you can use it to make your own prints if you so like.

Thanks again for all your help!