New Horizons!

Life at my mapping desk have been very busy the past month, and here comes an update on what I’m up to. Two map commissions are in the final stages.  But many of you have asked me, what I will do now that my big project that brought me into Fantasy Cartography is coming to an end. So I’ll start with the new.

New views
Changing perspective by moving closer to things in the form of two new projects that will hopefully occupy a large part of my time. They are both generic fantasy and focus on maps to be used both digitally and in print. My goal is to create a system of maps that can be adapted and used in many different situations to plan, improve and illustrate your Fantasy RPG games.

My work up until now have been using techniques and even some software that are over a decade old , this in order to keep a consistent style across the Flanaess map. It is both limiting and slow, and the results are far from what can be achieved using the latest digital tools available. While I’ve been working on my big campaign map I’ve invested both time and money acquiring a new set of the best tools, and teach myself how to use the new generation of digital graphic wizardry. That is starting to pay off in better results much faster. Those of you who remember my early Flanaess area maps also remember that it took me ages to finish one. Apart from research I had to spend around 40-50 hours rendering and editing along per letter sized map. The result looked great for its time, and still looks good.

This map that tops this article took me a bit over ten hours to create, and include making 5 different versions of it covering the seasons of the year, and a season often found in fantasy lands evil cataclysm!

Much of the techniques and work-flow is something I have put in place to be able to work in an effective way, and to be able to spend more of my time on creative efforts then technical dabble trying to get the results I want. So on to what I’ve set my map making sights on for the future.

Close up
One set of maps will be of the now standard 5 ft squared maps used to depict dungeons, towns, wilderness and every other type of terrain your encounters can take place in. There are lots of good, bad and in between maps in this category. I think there is still room for improvement to be made. I’m deliberately vague with the details on this yet, because I want to hear what you would like to use. Are “big sized maps” covering a whole scene something you prefer, or do you want to be able to puzzle together scenes from small maps?
Are you most interested in printed maps for use on the game table together with your miniatures, or to use digital maps in a virtual battlefield tool. Perhaps you want to be able to plan and use the same maps in both types of play, for maximum flexibility.

Make your own world
The other scale is to put together a map covering your game world. That is something that so far only the few who have both the talent and time to invest in making a beautiful map of, either their own world, or version of a published campaign world.

What if you could have bits of professionally created terrain that can be assembled in various ways to make a map of a game world. With plains, hills forests rivers and much much more. Would that be something you would be interested in?

While I’m working on a presentation and preview set of these new gaming tools I’m really curious on what you think of this and what kind of maps, would you as a GM or player and publisher want to make use of.

The Flanaess
My work with the Flanaess is not all done yet. The Atlas is under way in the background, but has been put on a few weeks hiatus due to an hex invasion. Hexes have been a standing request by many since I started mapping the world of Greyhawk. Now I think I have finally worked out how to approach it.


Here is a concept test with 12 mile numbered hexes, compatible with the PFRPG Ultimate Campaign Rules. The hex are numbered F001-001 and so on: F being “Flanaess” (opening up for more Oerth maps 😉 ) First group of numbers being the hex row, from west to east. Second group of numbers being the row of hexes from north to south. I choose this way to make it easier to find a hex, and no need to look at the side of the map. The numbers are on their own layer so they can be turned on and off independently of the hexes.

More details and concept images will be presented here during the coming months as my new projects get under way.  Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope to have a chance to make a map that will make your game better as well!


First those of you who have browsed to my website lately have noticed a whole set of Realm Maps appearing. I’m working my way through the list of things I set out to do before the end of the project, and a proper set of maps depicting each part of the Flanaess was one of them. They can be found on the Realm Maps page or the index page, they are also in the Map Repository‘s GH SYNC.

The Purge
I was noticed to the fact that there was a few more settlements in southern Keoland should not be on the map. So all the versions that had this content will be replaced with an revised version without these names and places. The new version will be named 2014 revision 1.

The Atlas
Work on the Atlas continues to nail down the template to use. It just struck me that I had left out the range bar, so that will be there as well. Please continue to send me comments and ideas on how you like it.

This seems to be a long hard struggle. Michael at Gamer-Printshop still working on trying to get the quality right. The reports are getting infrequent despite being messages from me and others on the issue. When I have assembled the funds to make a series of prints I will find a printer locally that can do the job and I can have a close look at the result before anyone else have to go to any lengths to have their copy. High quality files are still in the Map Repository GH  SOURCE share for those of you who dons’t want to wait and print of customize their maps. I’m sorry for the trouble, I wish I could have that all sorted out by now. But some things require more work that anticipated.
If anyone have already made prints please let me now how they turned out!

The next project……
Another reason for me not posting as many updates as usual is that I’m also working hard on my next project. It is a commercial project so it will all be public, but it is still to early for me to show anything. But it will be a complete shift in perspective, from the big picture to a close in view….
I hope you will find it as useful as my Flanaess maps, and my next project is also generic fantasy compatible with any game system using 5ft squares. An it is in a way even bigger and more grand in scope……..

Thank you again for all your help and support, much appreciated!

Larger Online map!

Online map HD

Many of you have asked if its possible to have a bigger view of the Online Map and thanks to the help of Gordon Chamberlin now it is!

There are three different window sizes.

Normal: 1200 x 800 pixels
Large: 1880 x 1000 pixels
Extra Large: 2300 x 1400 pixels

Try out which one works for your screen size, resolution and bandwidth.

There is also an Offline version available in the GH SYNC  share, that you can download and use when you don’t have access to the net. It is also faster and you don’t have to worry about data usage.

With the offline version you can customize the viewport size to suit your needs by editing the Online-map-140119.html file. Change the numbers that are marked in red on the picture to the values you want to use.

offline map size marked



Work on the Atlas has started!

Atlas cover test 1

The Atlas is starting to take shape, and to show it off here is front cover concept!
It will be several months of hard work that now is underway. My goal is to have a PDF Atlas with around 100 pages ready within six months. A tome full of enough Greyhawk map galore to make even Fharlanghn happy 😉


Online Map is back up again, and Offline Map is available…


The Online Map is updated and backup again!

Offline Map

I have also added a folder to the GH SYNC share called Offline Map. You can copy that folder to a desired location and by opening the HTML-file inside you can use the map without an internet connection. The folder is 447MB in size so it will hopefully be small enough to fit in on your Laptop or even tablet. It uses FLASH though, this version need it to work. On the Map Repository page you can find out how to download it.

Online Map is down for update!

If everything goes well it will be up again tomorrow Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Final Map…….

Here it is, the final map!
final mapAfter an intense period of going over the map to correct and add the last items on my list of things to do, it is now done. You can download a 171MB layered PDF here:

It is also available in my Map Repository GH SYNC

There might be some errors I have forgotten so, please download it and check it out to see if you find things to be corrected. I will update the online map Monday, so you can also use that to check it out.

Next week I will publish the rest of the source files, and update the files in the Map repository. After correcting typos and other errors found the complete high res files will be available through the Map Repository and Gamer-Printshop.



After over 15 years it is finally time to drop the “Preview”, now I’m working on the final map!

The last pieces started to fall in place when Darlene sent me more of her fantastic calligraphy. So this week I will go over the map one last time and correct the last issues I have noted. Paul Newland have made a couple of hundred pages of note from the Living Greyhawk Campaign that I will read and add my findings from as well. With a lot of hard work and a bit of luck I will have a release candidate ready next week.

Then its time for me to both start work on the Atlas and also get my next project up to speed, from now on Greyhawk maps will be a part time occupation. To make sure that diehard Hawker’s out there don’t despair here are some tidbits on what is upcoming on the Greyhawk front.

First is a concept test of what a page in the Atlas might look like:

Atlas test 1 base terrain-08-01


Working with ideas of how to add features for navigation and to present content in Atlas form as best as possible. I will present more on the Atlas as it takes shape in the coming months.

Here is a “quick and dirty” Old School Style test:

Test Old School style


The map is in layers which means that you can fairly easily change the look of the map and still keep symbols and text. Here is a test I did to try and see what my map would look like in the style a bit like the original Greyhawk map, I didn’t add the hexes though 😉

Map Repository changes

I have decided to add another folder to the Bittorrent sync called, GH SOURCE. In it will be my source files in the form of Photoshop, Illustrator and Bryce files, and probably some other formats as well. These files are for those of you who want to make their own versions of my maps. The files are big and will require a fairly powerful machine to use, but with them you have a chance to work on the files I use, so I hope to see some really cool versions of Greyhawk out there soon!

Details on how to access the GH SOURCE folder is on the Map Repository page.

I will move some of the files from GH SYNC to GH SOURCE Friday the 17th. I will detail that in a post tomorrow so you will have a chance to copy them if you don’t want to have to download them again via the new folder.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement, it makes me a very happy mapper!

Happy New Year!

I wish all of you a happy new year with I hope will bring you much time to game!

Mapping HQ have just undergone a major renovation and upgrade in the form of a desk replacement, now I have a bigger desk that are adjustable so I can stand up or sit down and work. Judging from two days of standing up, that will be the common MO from now on.

2013 have in many ways been a great year, I have accomplished most of what I set out to do. My Flanaess mapping project have major mapping all done! After a bit over 15 years of painstakingly pouring over modules, source-books, novels, fanzines and countless other Greyhawk related stuff the “initial” version of the map is done. What is left is to add the last details of the titles then the Wall map is ready. The Atlas version is starting to take shape in the form of deciding on what format and making a few test pages. More on that in the weeks to come.

I labeled my Greyhawk mapping as “initial”, with that I mean it is ready to be handed over to you guys to make it your own. What I have created are the foundation any enterprising Greyhawk Gamer who so like, can use as a base for his or her own version of Greyhawk. To make that happen I have started to share high-resolution versions and my source material using Bittorrent Sync. I know its not perfect, but it is very easy for me, efficient, and most important it allows me to invest my resources in better tools instead of having to buy bandwith and server space.
To better serve your interest I will share my maps in two folders, one for final maps in the form of PDF’s and JPG’s. This are for those of you who want my maps as they are, in high quality but don’t intend to work on them much further. The second share will be for those of you who are after the full Monty, all the source-files and supporting material. Here will be Photoshop-, Illustrator-, Bryce-files and many other things. It will be a many GB’s but worth it for those of you who want to make their own versions of my maps for their own campaigns.

My series of articles on Map making and RPG’s is something that I didn’t fulfill as promised, I’m sorry for that. There are two reasons behind it, one is that I wanted to devote as much time as possible to get the Flanaess map done. The other is that I agreed to write a chapter for Michael Tumey’s book 25 Quick & Dirty Map Tutorials Guide Book. That overlapped a lot with what I had planned for my articles, which made me decide to do that instead. Look for Michael’s book later 2014, I know he has a lot of cool tips lined up for you in it!

The biggest thing for me next year are the launch of my next big project. Having worked for more than a decade on my Greyhawk maps it is a big change for me to move on to new things. I must admit that there are days when I feel I have stared enough at the Flanaess. One player in my campaign asked me how far it was to the Pomarj from where they where, circa 600 miles I said without thinking. After having checked on my map I was almost spot on, then I realized I have looked at it a bit too much. So what can match the urge to map a campaign world, and fill my time, passion and urge to make maps?

After playing around with various ideas and rejected a couple of chances to do commissioned work, that wasn’t suited for me anyway. I have come up with a project that is larger than Greyhawk, not in scale but in scope. After having worked with large maps covering landscapes and whole regions of a world, is it time to move in and work on details. Over the years I have tried and used lots of “game mats”, tiles, squares and other types of maps suited for the game table. With the risk of sounding pompous I saying that I have come up with a way to improve them.

My next project is to create a system of “map-tiles” for virtual table-top, and conventional game table use. It will be a commercial project with maps available, on d20pro, Roll20 and Real Works as well as DrivethroughRPG, printed versions will come as well. A full presentation will came later this year with a free sample series. This will be a generic fantasy project, but I will use it in my campaign so it will be fully usable in a Greyhawk campaign. If it is successful I will be able to make some “Greyhawk specials” as well!

So again Happy Gaming and I wish you all a Great 2014!

The Flanaess in 100 pieces!


Added  to the Map Repository – The Flanaess in 100 pieces, each nation and some other parts as well as a separate 300pdi PSD files. There are two sets of files, one with text and symbols, and one terrain only.


I choose to go with psd files to make them look as good as possible. You can use open source GIMP  among others to use the files. With the symbols you can add your own content to the map.

I have also added a PSD of the whole terrain, without text legend or other disturbing elements. So now you can cut out any part you want for that special map.  This is a flat file, meaning it doesn’t have any layers which makes it usable on more normal computers. I will soon make the layered version available as well, it is in PSB – Photoshop Large File Format which probably requires Photoshop to open and edit. But it has all the layers with rivers and snow and other things on separate layers.

The Flanaess all

Its great to see more and more of you use the Map Repository!