Southlands mapped!

southlands logoAfter over nine months of work the Southlands for Kobolds Press Midgard setting is mapped. Its my first major commercial project and also my first project so very much a learning experience for me. Big thanks to all who backed the Kickstarter and made this possible, and to Kobold Press for giving me this opportunity!

Video edited2pano

The final map will be published along with the hardcover later 2015, you can preorder it at the Kobold Press Store. The images presented here are work in progress images and not from the final map. But they give a good teaser of what the map looks like.

Southlands preview 1

Southlands preview 2

Southlands preview 3
Next blogpost will be about Greyhawk……..


2015 first update

I have to start this update with an excuse for the lack of posts. Trying to finish the Southlands map, so I’m working as many long hard hours as possible to make it in time. Mapping a continent in is tough, the Flanaess took me several years, now I’m trying to do the same in six months. I have better computers and software tools this time which is making it even remotely possible, but it is still a major undertaking. My Southlands work have taught me a A LOT about how to go about making large scale worlds and maps using 3D software. Knowledge that I will invest into future projects.

2015 is gearing up to be a very interesting year for me, first year as a true professional. Next after the Southlands will be a major upgrade to my hardware. Have ordered the parts needed for a dedicated World-Machine/Vue/Blender workstation/render machine. It will give me a computer with 128GB of RAM that can do the heavy lifting, and free up my normal computer to unhindered do all the editing, texture work etc. A new 27inch monitor, flexible arms to all my monitors, and some other goodies will make my workspace much more flexible.

3D world building/simulation is a field that are going through a revolution right now with some almost god like tools on the horizon. My goal is to try and use them to enhance tabletop role playing, the first phase have been to try and learn the basics which was something I did working on my Flanaess map. The second step is to put my skills to practical use and create work-flows and templates to effectively produce maps and illustrations for use in games, which is something the Southlands map project is teaching me.

It will probably take a few more projects before I can start working on my next goal which is to start sharing my knowledge. But that is something I intend to do. Many of the best artist have given me so much inspiration and advice through videos, blogs, books etc. I want to give some of that back and help others create the maps they dream of!

Two more map commissions are on the horizon this year, both are only early talks yet but they both look promising. Other big things for me this year will be a more formal launch of my custom map commission service, and my first set of maps for sale. Prices and details will be available in a few months.

I wish you all a great 2015 and many great games!

Time for a short update!

southlands logo

My work on the Southlands are in an intense period, with textures, city map and the foundation for the whole continent taking shape in parallel. There will be a more in depth progress report soon, and even more for the backers of Southlands. It is a lot of work, but it is coming along nicely with more and more details added each day.

final map

I’ve also taken a bit  time off to create a PDF of my hexed Flanaess map. it is available from my Map Repository  or direct download from my Dropbox. The PDF is layered and weighs in at 283MB.


Other world mapper 2

Other World Mapper Kickstarter  is on its last day. Its been a highly successful run blasting through all the initial stretch goals and then some! So there are only a few hours left to jump onboard early on this promising map maker tool.

In the background my plans for next year are taking shape, and its gearing up for a major year with several interesting projects spanning different worlds and topics. A couple of the themes for next year are “Classic Vistas” and “Back to the Flanaess”, a new website will also be launched to host this and other things. More on this in December when the Southlands are done and its time for the next year outlook.

Other World Mapper

Time for me to promote a Kickstarter again, this time its not one I’m participating in . I’m just backing it. This time its a Fantasy Map creator – Other World Mapper by the small indie developer Three Minds Software.

Other world mapper 1


Those of you familiar with computer graphics are familiar with the bitmap vector divide, there are paint programs and their are CAD programs. Other World Mapper is one of the few attempts I’ve seen to make good use of the strengths as well as usability of both in one package.

Many of you have asked me what program to use to make your own maps and customize already made ones like mine. I use professional tools like Photoshop and Illustrator which are costly and takes hours to learn and even longer to master. GIMP and Inkscape are open source programs that can do a good job filling in for expensive professional tools, but they still have the learning curve. They also have lots and lots of functions that you will probably never need in order to make or adjust maps for your gaming needs.

There are dedicated fantasy mapping tools on the market already, and I have used several of them with varying degree of satisfaction. Just like professional digital graphics tools they seem to fall into the categories of bitmap or vector. Dundjinni was, or maybe is it still available I’m not sure, but it is firmly in the bitmaps camp. CC3 is based on a CAD software, which means its precise and fast. but most people find CAD software unintuitive for artistic creative work like map making an I can understand that feeling.

The creators of Other World Mapper seems to have taken this into account when they started to develop their map maker. The list of features and their video presentations caught my interest, and I couldn’t resist backing this project, please consider doing the same!

You can find there Kickstarter project here:

Other World Mapper – Map design software


Mapping the Southlands, part 1


My work is now almost entirely focused on the Southlands – Adventure beneath the pitiless sun! New monsters, new magic, and realms inspired by the Arabian Nights, Egypt, & pulp adventure tales!

by Kobold Press and for Pathfinder RPG. The Kickstarter is on its final week, so please head over to the Southlands Kickstarter page and find out all the great content that have been unlocked so far. Among them a Campaign map and a number of other maps I’m working on right now, so please consider backing this project!

As my work progress I will make updates on the Southlands Kickstarter page, but also make blog posts here. I know that if you read this you are probably very interested in my work, so here on my site I will go into more of the technical side of my work. For information on the setting, and all the amazing things that are included I suggest you head over to the Kickstarter page or download the free preview from Paizo Store.

This first installment will focus on the basics of terrain and texture. Later on as my work progress there will be more of real map making, now I’m working on settings and programming which can be boring even for the most passionate.

To map a vast continent that stretches for thousands of miles is a major undertaking, and to make it stand up and match the creative fervor of the Kobold Crew and some of the best in the business doesn’t make it easier. But as all brave adventurers know you just have to get going and face the perils!

My approach is to prepare by getting my tools in order and doing my research. That meant pestering the writers on this project for details with lots and lots of questions and reading all there is to read.

With all this in mind, my first goal is to create a preview map, something that can serve as the magnet for critique and inspiration. A deep dive into the world of fractals and textures, and 6 weeks later I had something that could do the job.


This map is done from scratch inside World-Machine using only a few basic fractal “recipes” and to make it quick it uses 1/10 of real scale. Export it into Photoshop for a touch-up, and it looks rather nice in the right light!


With the approval of the Kobold Crew, I now had a firm grip of what the continent looked like and a base to work from. It was time to start work on the full scale map. And by full scale, I mean that the terrain is created with so much detail it can be zoomed in and used for things like village and city maps, which means a lot of data. For Southlands that means 124 GB of TIFF files and fractals.

The way I work is to use some sort of sketch and hand paint a height map, all the way from the depths of the sea to the highest mountains peaks. Why do all this work by hand, why not just let the fractals do its job? For two reasons, first I needed to match an existing map and fractals are difficult to shape; they don’t always do as they are told.

The second reason is that computer-generated algorithms have a tendency to either look repetitive or “non-organic” or just too perfect. Real worlds have a bit of chaos, and in my opinion a fantasy world needs even more of the unpredictable and untamed. A hand-drawn and painted base creates that, though it can be a bit tedious work at times I have to admit.

hand painting

I added rivers and forest cover on separate layers to match the locations on the various sketches. Each layer can then form the base for fractal terrain, colors, and textures.

In parallel I also worked on the programming bit to create a flow chart, which is a collection of nested “recipes” for how various terrains should look. It is a messy collection of small squares with lines showing in what order things are calculated. This is all done in World-Machine, a genius tool used by special effects departments in movie studios, game studios, and others who need computer-generated landscapes. I use Photoshop for painting height maps, textures and post-render touch ups, then go to Illustrator to bring it all together with symbols and text.





My template has 12 different terrain types, that each gives the terrain a distinct look, from swamps and low gentle hills to majestic peaks. By blending and mixing these types I can recreate virtually any type of landscape imaginable. Together with around 20 types of textures and there are virtually no limits on what can be visualized.



Forest overlay that can be adjusted separately to accommodate everything from a few palm trees at a desert oasis to lush deep jungles are something I’m setting up as well.


If you add color and brightness adjustments and the possibilities are endless!




The textures I’m working with are a combination of computer generated fractals, hand painted parts and colors and patterns I capture with my camera out hiking in the real nature. I have studied landscapes passionately for a long time, and this job let me combine my passions for role playing, hiking and photography.



A vital but often difficult part is to map lakes and rivers. To map a natural water system of lakes and rivers can be difficult in normal top down maps, in 3D it can be downright impossible. During my 15 years of mapping using Bryce a natural lakes and rivers were an unattainable dream. The latest tools doesn’t make it easy, but possible. So I’m proud to show off the first look at my mountain test lake, a canyon and the wetlands at the merging rivers.


Sometimes I can’t resist and have to have a bit of drama.


And every respectable fantasy world needs the extraordinary, a 20 000ft high pillar….


Some artists paint with a pencil on paper or oils on a canvas, and I have great admiration for them and their amazing results which gives me so much inspiration. In my work I try to create useful art by painting with fractals and textures on a digital canvas. The images I have shown here are all work in progress, but with your help I can do my bit to make this project come alive with adventures, treasure, and fun!

I hope you join me on the journey, and welcome to the Southlands!

The next installment in mapping the Southlands,  will take you both to vast forests and then a first look at civilization…….. 🙂


End of donations!

donate-paypal-logoI just took down my Paypal Donation button, it marks an end of an era for me. The paypal donation button have been on my website in one form or another since 1999. For an amateur artist I used it as a way to try and cover a bit of the costs of running a website, and over the years more and more of you have been very supportive and helped me finance what used to be my hobby.

The last three years your contributions have made it possible for me to devote far more time and resources to my fantasy map making. a whole new generation of tools in the form of better computers and software have elevated my work to new heights. So far only glimpses of that work have become finished maps. But that is about to change, thanks to your inspiration, critique and support I’m now a professional, thank you all for all your help!

So therefore I’m hereby ending the era of donations. From now on you will have to give me financial support by buying the products my maps are published in. In the future I will also sell maps directly through various channels, the content markets of Realm Works and d20Pro, online PDF stores and also directly on my site. I will also launch a custom RPG map service for those of you who want to have a map made just for you.

As a part of this transition I will create and new website under my own name. This site will live on as a home for my Greyhawk map repository and also receive a makeover next year, but my blog, new work and services will be on my new site.

Again that you so much for all your generous support you have given me all these years, and I hope you will be interested in what I’m working on in the future. As Head Cartographer for Kobold Press Southlands I’m working hard on a series of maps for that project. So I’m taking this chance to invite you to take part of the journey to the Southlands by supporting:  Southlands: New Fantasy Options for Pathfinder RPG

Southlands and more!


Now that Gen con is over and I’m back at my desk working again its time for an update. During the month leading up to Gen Con I worked hard a map for Kobold Press Southlands.

The Soutlands, the Kickstarter went live today! So if you want to know more and hopefully get on this really cool project please head over there right away! This book will include a Southland overview map by me. It is the first project where I have used new tools and techniques and I’m really pleased with the results. Below are a part of the opening shot from the video flyover that I made and it is now part of the project video. It shows a little bit of the map from a low flying angle.
With more of your support to unlock more stretch goals, there will be more Southland maps for me to do. It is so much fun to work on the Southlands and I hope to get the chance to visualize more of the continent!
Video edited2pano

Overland maps 2.0

My new generation mapping project are progressing as planned. I’m setting up templates to create highly detailed maps covering anything from a village map to an entire world. These maps are done using a mix of Photoshop CC, World Machine 3, Vue 11 and Illustrator CC.
Screenshot 2014-09-10 17.01.14
Screenshot 2014-09-10 16.56.08
The base is a height map made in Photoshop in the form of a gray-scale image that will make sure the maps are accurate and detailed.  Each height map covers 500 miles of terrain and its possible to use a lot of them to map a whole world. My test map is made up of 1712 height map files, 22GB of data with just under 90 BILLION height points which is enough to detail a world the size of Earth. Detailing parts of a world will now be easy to do and can later be included in a larger map without any extra work. Scaling, accuracy and consistency are now much easier to achieve. So if you have a world you want to have mapped, soon I will provide a service to do that for you. It can be done, a highly detailed a small part at a time, or as an overview map.
Screenshot 2014-09-10 13.13.54
Maps can be top down, 3D directional views and various style options will be available as well. For example parchment, stone or wood engraving, line drawing and more. The finished result will be a high resolution digital image in the format you prefer, for print or digital use.
These screen shots are from work in progress, and colors and texturing is not in place yet. There are still a lot of work before they will be useful as maps, but I hope it will give you a hint at the amount of detail that is now possible.

A few hours left…..

ks1The d20Pro’s Kickstarter that I have backed is on the home stretch with 13 hours left. Please consider to back this very promising project!

I’m working hard on my next generation maps, and I will create several series of maps that will be available on d20Pro content market. I will post soon with more information and pictures here.

Gen Con, ENnies, Concrud and back to height maps again….

gen-con-logoBack home again after my first Gen Con, and it was a fantastic experience. Had the chance to see and meet so many wonderful gamers of all sorts, Greyhawk fans, gaming legends, designers, cartographers and a whole bunch of just passionate gamers just like me!

The ENnies, what an evening! It was a great experience despite I didn’t win this time. Just to be part of the celebration of role playing and the many people that makes the fund games being celebrated for an evening was an experience of a lifetime.

Anna AlyssaGot the chance to meet some of my gaming friends and colleagues I’ve only have had met online with before. One of the first one I found at her booth was Alyssa Faden, Cartographer and Game designer extraordinaire.

Had a chance to hang out with the Kobold Crew and enjoy they gave me a great time. The same goes for the evening I spent with the Greyhawk Meet and Greet, thank you “Mortellan”, Jayson, Skip and “Baronzemo”, you gave me an evening to remember!

Also had a chance to talk business several times, so  there is a chance that I will be busy and long time to come, being involved in a variety of projects. Thank you  all for your help and support, I wouldn’t have got this far without it!

When I got home the so often talked about Con Crud have affected me, so I apparently missed my Fort save. Despite  a runny nose and feeling a bit feverish I’m back at my desk working on creating height map templates. Its one of the most boring parts of 3D map making, but to know how to create precise height mapsScreenshot 2014-08-13 12.16.26

is an essential part of it. Here is what can look like in Photoshop when it is color coded, in order to be easier to read. This is then saved as a grayscale image to be used as and base for the fractal work in World Machine. Using Photoshop to create it makes it easier to convert an existing map into a 3D fractal generated virtual landscape.

The fractals can then be draped in pixels and exported from world Machine back  to Photoshop again as a terrain for a top down map, or to Vue to be rendered from any angle as an illustration.

Below are a screenshot from World Machine, it is one of my terrain experiments trying to work out how to create the transition from savanna to desert. It is a bit like playing god to be able to play around with a whole virtual world, having it all at your fingertips and being able to shape it any way you want.
Screenshot 2014-06-05 13.44.05

One of the hardest things is to try and match a map that already exist like the Greyhawk map. Using Bryce it took me years of trial and error basically, by hand painting fractals and keep doing it until I got the results I wanted. Now I can do so much more much faster. Here is an detail view of a 10 mile bit of the coastline at the city of Admundfort on Walworth Isle in the middle of Nyr Dyv.

Screenshot 2014-08-21 14.46.32

There are not texturing and only the coastline and surrounding waters are defined. Basic terrain with erosion are in place and I’m pleased with the results, with terrain details and texturing it will be a highly detailed map, enough to pick the spot for your castle!


d20Pro Unlimited Virtual Tabletop


I just wanted to spread the word about the latest Kickstarter project I’m backing: d20Pro Unlimited Virtual Tabletop.

The project is to create a new version of d20Pro that can handle multitouch, better graphics and  what caught my attention, Realm Works integration. d20Pro is already a very capable and great Virtual Table Top software, but if this Kickstarter goes well it will be a much more powerful tool for Role Players. It is already well beyond its goal of $10 000, but I’m hoping they reach some of their more ambitious stretch goals.

I’m very soon on my way to Gen Con where I’m going to take a closer look at d20Pro on touch screens among many other thing.