Spread & Notation maps

Spread 1000px light grey

Here comes a set of handy Flanaess maps you can use to keep track of things like the spread of Evils sects, party exploration, where Orcs live, or to keep track of that undead infestation. The come in three different sizes: 300, 1000 and 5000 pixels, and three different colors, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Blue

Print and scribble notes on the, slap a layer on top in your image editor to paint a spread. Or use the Fog of World function in Realm Works to easily keep track of something that has a geographic dimension.
Screenshot 2015-07-26 16.05.48

You find the the Spread & Notes maps here.

How I use the Flanaess map in Realm Works

The 3000px square maps are now all available here!
Time to show how I use them in Realm Works. There are many different ways to do things in Realm Works. This example is based on my early test model using slightly bigger maps, but after reading the RW manual I decided to make the final version 3000px to keep things flowing. I used the square overview map to place pins leading to the squares.
Screenshot 2015-07-20 20.39.00

Created a new Topic Category so I could easily sort and find the maps. I’m using two versions of each area one with all the details and text as a GM reference.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 20.31.27

And another with just symbols to use during games. The game map can host map pins leading to all the things the players find during the game.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 20.28.11

This works for me as a way to keep the overview and still keep things within the capabilities of Realm Works. I use my Online Map as a compliment for the really large picture.

3000px with Symbols and hexes added!

The next installment in the 3000px squares map are available, the terrain with Symbols and Hexes. Only two left and they will be done this weekend!
You can find them here.

3000px with Symbols added!

You can get them here: Flanaess 3000 pixel Squares

3000 px hexed added!

Squares w numbers-01

The terrain with hexes version of the 3000px squares map are ready for download. You can get it here.



Flanaess in 3000 pixel squares…

Squares w numbers-01

Just finished my latest project, so today I used the day for some Flaness work I had on my agenda – bite sized squares for use with Realm Works. Each square is 3000 pixels across and will come in several varieties, first out is terrain only.  This set will be followed by squares with hexes, symbols and text. This so you can have unmarked ones for player maps and other with everything. Legend and credits and heraldry are removed to show as much of the map as possible. They are made using my raw high resolution and then compressed into JPG’s for best results. Each square are around 1MB in size, so they should fit into your RW campaign.

You can grab them here in zip format or from my GHSYNC Bittorrent Share. The next set will be ready in a few days.



Busy Times…


This is a small part from my latest map, a project for vffpublishing. Kept me more than busy the last month but now I’m doing the finishing touches to it. So writing a blog post with some updates are long overdue.

It will be my second big map since I moved on from to new tools and the pieces are starting to fall in place. This will be the first project to include some new techniques like forests that have a natural spread, like real forests.


Texture blending, erosion and forest cover used to be such a hassle with Bryce and my old feeble computers. Now all those subtle details can be done, making close up mapping a possibility. And it can still be done in weeks rather than years!

This project are about a tenth of the Greyhawk map in area, and it took me a month to map. Below is an example of texture blending, in this case it’s an attempt to make forest more than a vast expanse of green. To make forest as varying as the rest of the landscape. This is a top down map, so the fact that trees now actually have real depth are not really visible. Other projects in the future will use this possibility in some very useful ways.



More on my vffpublishing map when it’s being presented in time for GenCon.

Speaking of Gen Con, I will be there this year. Things on my Gen Con schedule are to help Lonewolf Development, Canonfire GenCon 2015 Meet and Greet, Greyhawk Reborn, trying to meet as many of my Gaming friends and colleagues as possible and attend some great seminars.

Next on my agenda are “Anna’s Custom Mapping Service” and a major website overhaul. My current website is from 2010 and even if it (despite Ukrainian hacker attempts) still works, it is setup to cater for my Greyhawk mapping. My Flanaess maps will still reside here at but it will be more of a repository for the maps. My blog, new projects and all other work that goes on will be on a new website!

When the new site is up and running I will revamp this site to store and present my Flanaess maps in a hopefully much better way. This gives me a chance to use all the server capacity to be used for downloading of maps and hosting the online map(s!).

With a new website I can give proper attention to new commercial projects. The first will be to get “Anna’s Custom Mapping Service” started. More details will be presented in July, but first I have to try and catch up with my emails, there are many of you who have sent me emails and I haven’t been able to get back to you yet, but I will answer you soon.




Heraldry export titleTime to tick of another of the items on my bucket list, heraldry!

Here is a zip file with 237 shields in PNG format with a transparent background  800 pixels across.
The quality varies a lot. Some are old and created long before I had much skills, and where only intended to be used small scale on the map. A few are small works of art in themselves being my own designs either based on text, fan ideas or just personal inspiration.  Use the ones you like and discard the rest!

The file is 10.3MB is size.

Realm Bundles

symbols text

The Flanaess in 99 parts for you campaign management needs!
Those of you who have made use of my Bitttorrent Sync share already have them, but thanks to Dropbox here is an easier way to get them.

Flanaess in 24×36!

24x36 print layout numbered

Time for some Greyhawk map upkeep. First out is my Flaness map in 24 x 36 pdf’s. This is the map only, I had to remove some extras in order to squeeze it into 12 24×36 parts. Hex layer is hidden but available using the layers panel, in case you want to view or print a hex map.

Yopu can find the PDF’s here:×36-inch/