Bright Desert map

I have recently received a couple of requests for a map covering the Bright Lands and its surroundings. So I made one as a part of the preview maps series.

Dagger Rock occurs twice, its the western one that is correct. The eastern Dagger Rock should be Gai Hur. I have corrected so future maps will be right. I’m sorry for the mistake and thanks go to the sharp eyed John Karns!

Flanaess Full Map130706

So when you’re there adventuring please check to see if the maps needs to be changed 😉

This weekend I will be adventuring with my gaming group at the Wailing halls near Narwell, they got there last session, so this time it will be going in and confront the horrors.

Good luck everyone in your games and I hope you bring home lots of treasure and even more XP!

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