Olman Isles preview map

Here comes the next little part of the Flanaess to take a closer look at, the Olman Isles. In the 590’s that I’m currently mapping they are part of the  Scarlet Brotherhood’s empire.

Flanaess Full Map130706

Next will be the Scarlets heartlands the Tilvanot Peninsula, that will be ready in a day or two.


Amedio southern preview map

Here comes a first look at the southern part of the enormous Amedio Jungle.  It covers several groups of islands including the Mist Kingdoms ruled by their Dragon Lords. There are also the Olman realm of Xamaclan one of the few surviving parts of the once mighty Olman Empire. Flanaess Full Map130706


Next will be more of the old Olman Empire, first the Olman Isles and then the heartlands of the new rulers of this part of the Flanaess, the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Amedio central preview map

Here comes the next bit of the enormous Amedio Jungle, the central parts. It covers famous places like Tamoachan and site ripe for adventure like Chetanicatla.

Flanaess Full Map130706

The Olman Empire have left many features that are now covered by the jungles but few of them are known today. So you might need to plan some adventuring in these lands to uncover them, I hope my mapping can be a good base for you to add your features to the area. As usual please comment or contact me if you spot errors or missing features.


Northern Amedio preview map

Time for a closer look at the northern part of the vast Amedio Jungle. This part of my series of previews covering bits and pieces of my upcoming Flaness map. This way I hope to have as many eyes as possible checking my work for errors and missing things. So if you notice anything please comment or send me a message using the contact form.

Flanaess Full Map130701


The central, southern parts of the Amedio are coming shortly along with the Olman Isles. Some old familiar places will be updated and published soon as well.

Ratik preview map

Here is a cohesive look at a realm that I managed to spread out on four different maps in my area maps series. So here is the Archbarony in full glory. Please check it for errors and missing features.

Flanaess Full Map130627


Tilvanot Peninsula


Here is a screenshot of my work on the infamous Scarlet Brotherhoods homeland, the Tilvanot Peninsula and its central Okalasna plateau.

The plateau itself are almost done but the surrounding lands and the coast have a lot to be done before they are ready for symbols and text.


County of Ulek, updated preview map

The Uleks got a remake when I did Keoland but I forgot to make a preview map of the County then, so here it is a bit late.
Flanaess Full Map130616

It is one of the forgotten realms of the Flanaess that are in need of some more features. Plenty of space along the routes between Jurnre, Courwood and Kewlbanks to be filled with interesting towns and keeps and whatnot.

The Principality of Ulek will be included in my planned makeover of the Pomarj. I’m not going to change any features, just bring the style and terrain up to the same standard as the newer areas. Over a decade of mapping have taught me a thing or two  that I didn’t know when I started, so as a part of finishing the Flanaess map I will go over them a second time to redo parts that are not as good as I can make them. I have already done it with Veluna and Keoland, next is Pomarj, Furyondy and then the Urnst states and Greyhawk. This work will be done in parallel with my work on the new parts.

I will not be doing any custom maps or commissions until I’m done with major mapping operations in the Flanaess. My plan is to have it done during August. If you have any desire to have a special map done please don’t hesitate to contact me now, but I will not be able to start working on anything else for a couple of months.




Ket got caught in between when I migrated my work to Illustrator. So I made a quick preview map of Ket using my latest map data to show the whole realm in one map.
Flanaess Full Map130606

Sasserine and Cauldron preview map


I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately, but here is my first take on the sister cities of Sasserine and Cauldron.
Flanaess Full Map130606

The south west Flanaess are a major undertaking due to the sheer size of its lands. I’ve been working on Amedio, Hellfurnaces  the Sea of Dust and the Sulhaut Mountains for a couple of weeks. Here is the first result of this work and more will come shortly. In parallel I’m working on updating some of my old maps to fix errors and bring them up to the same standard as my latest. The first on this series will be the Viscounty of Verbobonc.

This is a preview map released under Creative Commons License 3.0 BY-NC. Final maps will also be released under this License.


Sea Princes updated preview map


Thankfully there are some really sharp-eyed and knowledgeable Greyhawk fans who double and triple check my work. George Mocsary pointed out my placement of Adlerweg Keep and the road across the mountains should go to Jeklea Bay.

Flanaess Full Map130524


I went over the sources again and George was as I suspected right, I hadn’t checked my sources enough. After some research I decided to increase the mountains east of Berghof to make the pass to the south east be the natural route in and out of the province. I also found out that the Hool river should have a steep waterfall when it leaves the Spendlowe Valley before it begins it gentle flow along the plains where it forms the Hool Marshes.

So again I have to thank everyone who gives me encouragement and help, without your support it would be impossible for me to make this project so successful!

Lets see how well this version survive quality control.