Ull, first map

Here is a first look at the infamous Ull!

Flanaess Full Map130813Map is updated  08-22-13 to correct spelling errors and a few other things

Almost there!

After fifteen years and thousands of hours of reading and mapping over the years I have now done at least the initial step of mapping the whole area covered by the Darlene and Paizo maps.

Flanaess 130822

With the terrain of  Zeif and the Paynims generated I’m now working on getting the details of these parts right. Then I have a long list of errors and touch ups to bring older parts of the map up to the same quality as the newer parts to work through before its done.  But now the end goal is in sight!

Thanks again for all your help and support over the years, this wouldn’t have been possible without it!

Sea of Dust and the Hellfurnaces!

Time for me to unveil one of the infamous and most legendary places of the Flanaess:

Flanaess Full Map130731

This area is huge and I wanted to make it stand out as something exceptional and epic worthy of high level adventuring on par with other worlds worst places. From here I will continue north with a couple of updates of old areas as well the coming month. I know I promised to release the next article in my series on RPG’s and Maps, but I have decided to wait until a later date. This so I can concentrate on getting my Flanaess mapping done instead. Being sidetracked  by a building and installing a new computer for the better part of a week didn’t help. But now I have all the computing power I need to work a lot faster.

The computer upgrade and new software are a part of gearing up and prepare for my next project, that I will start work on when major mapping of the Flaness are done. A lot more on that later….

A teaser…..

If you wondered where I’ve been the past couple of weeks here is the answer

Sea of Death teaserThe infamous Sea of Dust and the Hellfunaces have been the center of my attention for several weeks  now during my attempts to map it. With a now thousands of hours to build up my skills and the Tilvanot Peninsula as a runner up to what I think will be the biggest challenge in mapping the World of Greyhawk, I proud to say that I’m very pleased with the results. Here is a teaser while I’m working on text and symbols.

Blackmoor preview map

If summer is too hot you might want to take a look at one of the coldest realms of the Flanaess legendary Blackmoor

Flanaess Full Map130706

This is a part of my preview series of maps to try and find errors before finishing my big map. So if you find anything that is wrong or missing please don’t hesitate contact me.


Map Quick Guide

Here is a Quick Guide for my maps in the Flanaess preview series.

Legend 130719-04

A comprehensive guide with explanations will come later.


Greyhawkery blog




Time to promote my friend Mortellans blog Greyhawkery. He writes many great articles on Greyhawk and in his post on June 9th he mentions me and my Greyhawk maps. He asks when I will get to Ull. For the few of you Greyhawk fans who are not aware of the fact that Mortellan are an Greyhawk expert in general and THE authority on this not much heard of Greyhawk realm far of in the west.

The comments functions was broken so I use my own blog to first say that if you have any interest in Greyhawk you have to read what Mortellan writes on his blog it is up to date and always interesting.

So now now to when i’m going to map Ull. I’m currently working on the Hellfurnaces and the Sea of Dust, which will probably take me a week or so. But in the meantime I will plan the way north by researching the Dry Steppes, Ull and the Paynims.

The actual mapping of Ull already began long ago when i did the terrain of Ull for a map in Oerth Journal. That was the first version of Ull and when I did it my skills wasn’t as good as they are today and I hadn’t done much research. This winter when I did the Barrier Peaks I had a new go at the terrain of Ull and below is a screenshot of the next try to create the looks of Ull.


Its a very rough preview render right from Bryce, but it will you a chance to see where I’m heading. Hopefully I can start to improve on this in a week or two with some expert help from the best Sage of the West 🙂


The Realmsound Project

Time for me to promote a Kickstarter that I have backed!

The Realmsound Project

Orange County Gaming Group have set out to try and bring custom fantasy audio to fantasy tabletop gaming. What got me interested were first the quality of the samples they offered and especially a couple of the samples.  Listen to the market vendor as he is shouting out what he has to offer, wonderful to hear for a Greyhawk fan!

They also intend for the sounds to be FREE for everyone to use. That is a very interesting pitch and I will keep a close eye to see if this one will be successful. I’m thinking about which business model to use for my next project after the Flaness maps. If its possible to run a Kickstarter to fund the time it takes for me to make the maps and to run the website, it would be a very good way for me to continue my work. So please consider making a pledge for the Realmsound project.


Bright Desert map

I have recently received a couple of requests for a map covering the Bright Lands and its surroundings. So I made one as a part of the preview maps series.

Dagger Rock occurs twice, its the western one that is correct. The eastern Dagger Rock should be Gai Hur. I have corrected so future maps will be right. I’m sorry for the mistake and thanks go to the sharp eyed John Karns!

Flanaess Full Map130706

So when you’re there adventuring please check to see if the maps needs to be changed 😉

This weekend I will be adventuring with my gaming group at the Wailing halls near Narwell, they got there last session, so this time it will be going in and confront the horrors.

Good luck everyone in your games and I hope you bring home lots of treasure and even more XP!

Tilvanot Peninsula preview map

Couldn’t hold on to this one so here it comes the Scarlet Brotherhoods homeland the infamous Tilvanot Peninsula. Of all the work I’ve done so far this is what I’m most proud of. When I started this project this was the part of Greyhawk I wanted to map more than any other. I had a vision of how I thought it looked like and after about a hundred or so hours on it I’m really proud of the result.

Flanaess Full Map130706