Big project – Midgard mapping!

Time to spill the beans, my next project is going to be Midgard by Kobold Press. It will be my biggest commission so far and a major undertaking. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks setting things up and getting started. It will take up a majority of my time for the rest of the year and into spring.

Here is a first sneak peak:


The detail level and scale will match the Southlands map, but a whole range of new techniques will make these maps a large step forward. Better forests, detailed rivers are a few of them. More information will be published at Kobold Press website, and the Midgard Facebook page as the project move forward.

This is one of my dream projects and a great honor to get a chance to do, the drawback is that my other plans will take longer to accomplish. So everything else I have planned (Patreon, example maps and a new website) are still being worked on but only on a limited basis.

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