Bandit Kingdom updates.

Done some over due updates in and around Bandit Kingdoms. Added heraldry and a few towns and villages that I missed the other times I worked on the area. Some of the maps have 18 and 19 versions by now and I guess that both shows how much I can miss and have to redo later, and that is due to the richness of detail in this part of the Greyhawk campaign world.
It has been a popular part to adventure in since Gary took his party on a stretch of sessions in Stoink that according to legend was a lot of fun. I can understand why, its a very interesting area where all sorts of folk meet and mingle. Its probably one of the few places that trade and contact occurs between the empire of Iuz and the good lands that opposes him. Any way I’ve updated areas: 34, 35, 47 and 48. You can find them under Greyhawk maps – area maps.

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