Back from GenCon!

Had a great time at GenCon 2015, met so many old and new friends. Thank you all for making my time in Indy such a treat!
Several future projects where discussed, and hopefully some of them will see the light of day in the not too distance future. In the mean time Kobold Press published a two part interview with me about how I made the Southlands maps:

Southlands Map interview part 1

Southlands Map interview part 2

During Gen Con I also had the pleasure of being on the panel for the Kobold Press Better worlds seminar, which was recorded by The Tome show. You can listen to it here: The Tome Show GenCon 2015 Better Worlds Seminar

This weeks main task are to get my “Render Computer” up and running. The last part are on its way and will be here tomorrow and then I can start the build and installation. This will give me a dedicated machine to do 3D editing and especially rendering. It will have an 8 core CPU 128GB of RAM and Nvidia Quadro 5000, which will give me enough power to crunch through even the largest of terrains and other tough challenges. The best is that This will free up my main desktop machine so I can continue creating and editing while the new computer can do the rendering in the background. Large renders can sometime take hours, so to have a dedicated machine for it can enhance my productivity a lot.

My Custom Map service is next and an update on it will be ready next week.

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