anna2smallAnna B Meyer use to roam in and over the northern reaches of Europe and her native Sweden. Nowadays her deeds are carried out in the warm and sunny southern California. She is a 17th level Ranger with extra ranks in Fly (Dragon) and Diplomacy. Chaotic and aspiring to be good she tries to manage her passions into useful pursuits. Anna is often seen either at her over-computerized desk or way out in nature at an ungodly hour hiking places most people seldom venture to. Her special traits are stubbornness and chocolate dependency.  



What made me start to make Fantasy Maps?

I’m an old school Role Player that started playing D&D in the early days just before the original Red Box came out. The first play session made me a gamer, not much happened but I saw the potential in Role-Playing. Our DM back then had made his own world and to me it was like magic. I wanted to have my own world but didn’t know where to begin. Few years later the Greyhawk box came out and I bought it. After reading a few pages there was no turning back, I fell in love with the setting and have been running games in it ever since.

Maps have always fascinated me and so did the map that came with the box. I was swept away by its beauty and it inspired me to read and create lots of adventures over the years. But I also saw the need for a map that had way more information on it, the idea to make an atlas with as much information as possible on it was born.

My drawing skills didn’t live up to what I wanted to do so it took until computers and their software came of age in the mid 90’s that I began to form a real plan on how to do it. When I saw the program Bryce being previewed I knew the time had come. It took me hundreds of hours to learn how to use Bryce and to work out a style for my Greyhawk map. For the past ten years I have worked on my project as a hobby and gradually worked my way across the Flanaess.

I have played every edition of D&D and tried many other Role-Playing games but my favorite is still fantasy. Currently I’m running a Greyhawk Campaign set in the Rel Deven area in CY598 using the Pathfinder RPG rules. I’m also having the pleasure to be a player in both Pathfinder organized play and two other Pathfinder campaigns.

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My passions

Two years ago I moved to California and decided to make my two of my hobbies into professional careers, making fantasy maps and photography. So now I split my time between my the two passions I love to spend my time doing, either out in the wild trying to capture the spirit of a landscape or at my desk dreaming up what lands beyond reality can look like. For me those two jobs are in a way one and I couldn’t do one without the other.


Trying to see and capture the beauty of real landscapes brings my creativity to life that make me dream up fantastic out of this world landscapes. Working on fantasy landscapes helps me see the fantastic in real landscapes.


Along with the landscapes comes everything else in nature and especially birds.




Flying has long been a big part of my life and I still keep the passion alive by trying to capture the spirit of aviation using my photographic skills.


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